Empress started the REMAKE Resident Evil 4 Remake beta test

The most famous hacker under the nickname Empress said that she began a beta test.

Contact me on my QTOX if you have malfunctions, give me your EMP.Bin located in Appdata \ Roaming.

If you are malfunctioning somewhere in the game, describe a place with all the details and give me your saving file so that I can also test it. Saves are in C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Empress \ 2050650.

It is assumed that the crack will be from a week to three. If you take into account the last experience of hacking, it takes less than a week.

Early hacher said that she finished with her personal affairs and again the time came to take and destroy another shitty Denuvo.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: a real giant of the industry, revives. You are waiting for an updated game process, a processed plot and extremely detailed graphics. Again, survive the nightmare that completely changed the horror genre.

I don’t understand, there are thousands of professional programmers and crackers around the world, but the Empress current is hacking. This is a conspiracy?)

no, just why waste your time?

I read somewhere that she worked with Denuvo but she was kicked out .hacking denuvo like revenge.xs is true or not

And also the fact that she is 22 years old and she has been fighting with Denuvo for 8 years and lives in the English Federation and is talented in everything and beautiful and charismatic. And work in Denuvo, Microsoft, it was received by cops with red -handed and released at the same time. All of the above yourself, what do you think is how true?) as much as about work in Denuvo natural

Previously, when the games were hacked in the fortress, it was always written “If you liked the game, buy it!»And now there is a struggle to never buy and the emphasis on it. Those who do not support this left the stage. Many have found white work on their skills over the years, why should they do this ungrateful business then?

Long live Empress . Maybe Dead Space Remake will hack it soon.

Buy for a year a subscription to EA Plai Proit and do not worry, game is a year on subscription, VPN and a foreign card to help to help

And why do I need this hemorrhoids, they will hack violets to me or not, I won’t believe it and in real life there is something to do.

Well, you wrote that you want to hack

I was just delighted that the hacking would be and expressed hope that it would not stop there, but I’m not the pirate who is rightly wooling her public with red eyes in which the question is on "Well, when. " (By the way, I don’t know who slapped you and I don’t understand why, you seemed to help help, I put it + for Nefig minus for an opinion)

I started a binge 3 weeks ago, drank 10 costs of this game. The binge lasted 7 days, now I fly a broken psyche, panic and a breakdown for 2 weeks. How to have time to restore mental health before Kryak’s exit, in order to play and not panic, fainting. People, do not drink alcohol!

So the holidays were

3 weeks ago?) He began in advance.

We must file a World Court on Capcom !That’s what a person was brought to . And he could spend on the game, and this is probably five or more bottles . CAPCOM took the man the liver spoiled !I could spend the money on you, and so supported the producer of alcohol !Unscrupulous and inhuman capcom !Although stop, from Kyiv you can buy a game with Steam ? )))

At least where you can buy VPN if there is anything 🙂

It doesn’t matter to me personally who is it, a girl or a group of hackers, the main thing is to break, and we swing! Therefore, we are looking forward to the torrents of the country, and then Dad Space Remake would have broken and there would be a high.

If a person is from the Internet and you understand that you will not meet in life, then there should always be care, who he is and what he is. The main thing is not to find her cops, otherwise Voxy is already pressed once and it seems he is sitting

The movement is going on, the news has already made me happy) break them there completely Empress

Smart! keep it up!

Write a place with all the details and give me your saving file so that I can also test it

Stirlitz was never so close to failure.

The machine translation is the same

I can and so and so

A question for those who write that hacking is bad, such games need to be bought, poverty, etc.D. For what? What difference does it make that someone will play it for free. Well done bought the game. No need to say what needs to be done.

Minus denuvo. This is good.

I think this will be removed immediately after hacking) since there will be no sense

At the end of the year, the company’s passage over hell will be and Merkrakhnaris is not updated))) so they won’t remove it) and your girl will still have to break up the updates often

Empress is right?

ATP bro. Listen I recently got to the Internet scammers. She can help me track where the phishing site and 2 mobile numbers were created ?

like Denuvo is one thing, and there is that the mechanisms are different to the approach to hacking games?

The versions are different. If they had not been updated, then hacking would be much faster.

Nimble. The pros immediately visible.

Great! Just recently passed a remake of the 2nd rubber.

Bought and passed . If on the day of the release, she broke there.

Good news, though the game will turn out to be a kuzkoy due to the delayed exit of the additions – the full hacking of the seven was only after the rose is supplemented, but here they can be significantly larger. Which, however, does not detract from the value of the game or hacking.

I went a couple of times in autonomous mode. Even Achivka gave)) a good game! But I don’t want to return anymore

I downloaded beta test, unpacked, launched, and he sends me to Steam, and there "oh sorry, there is no such game!.Hahahaha

And you definitely downloaded a test crack? For example, she gave an archive with the game, but there are only clean files. I wrote to her at QTOX even at the beta 1 and my norms worked for me, now 3 beta is already going on

"The most famous hacker". Anonymouss are: PON))

Then DLS with ADA wait a year (

Let’s wait for anything, the pirates are not the first to us.

but not to buy, not fate?

Give him money for a purchase?

The matter of principle, personally I have.

Just keep in mind that you have to beg, and it’s not a fact that the saddler.

Empress you are my goddess!

So this is what this empress))) a thick bearded)) cool

Why is he suspicious of an uncle of a radical look like?

Late. I bought it already.

Pie on the shelf

Strange, why the word Hacker I could not find in a translator, an analogue of a female kind?

People, well, if you put the cons, then at least write to me how the word is written Hacker In a female gender, in English?

Because in English, nouns do not change by childbirth (there are exceptions).

Hacker will be a hacker in English, or Hacker Girl.

Take in German: Haskerin.

I see, thanks! And how will it be right, she "specialist" or "Specialist" In your area?

Ahahaha, hacksha)) you don’t drive, this simply does not happen, it’s not a movie to you.

In it you can use English voice acting + English text include?

Can. The settings have the opportunity to choose

But it is better not to English the voice of the Owl Ru better better than Ashley.

Can. I play so.

Why was translated with mats? It seems that we have forbidden matches.

Again some kind of crap. On the other hand, this is already better than, as usual, hacks from this creature in the form of third -rate indie.

Well, yes, re 4 garbage pf. Probably it is better to drive a force.

Forspoken is not at all interesting to me, the same garbage in one copy of the resident series.

Hey resident don’t insult! So you can get it in the face

I bought a respectable uncle as kylinnov. So baby, bunny, paw of empress

Such games are bought.

Sygly, the Japanese now, probably, are practically the only ones who have the games worthy and you can buy them. But Simov and Bomi (it is homeless people who have no money, not pirates) now they will throw any minuses to you.

You say as if it is something important, straight in your life will change something, it is just a game, high -quality but a game, has passed and removed, the mile of the evening is nothing more.

Such people and streamers will deliver, they do not mind. There were grandmas and hoba. And no. Their donat was read on Stream and they are like "Waaaaau, this is the stooilo". )

I buy games only if I really liked the game (well, just like a pipets), it was with Half-Life (all parts including Black Mess and Alix except the first), Witcher 3 (not remaster), Deus ex: Mankind Divated, well And of course where we are without RDR2, and everyone was bought only after passing on a pirate because well, I don’t want to buy a cat in a bag, and those who say that in 2 hours about the game everything is clear, it would be their personal opinion so I would never be a witcher I did not buy if it came from these 2 hours since the game is fully revealed much later. Of those that I bought without looking without pirates, only the metro is an outcome, since I realized that even if there is garbage anyway, I would go through the previous parts very much and there was nothing to even think here.

It’s so hard to buy a good game over the years having a computer of the same above 70 pieces. How miserable you are.