Sea of ​​Thieves will appear quick travel in the next major update

The 11th season of Sea of ​​Thieves is no longer around the corner, and, it seems, its appearance on Tuesday, January 23, may well bring the most radical restructuring of a multi-user pirate adventure from the moment it was launched in 2018. Meet the appearance of quick travel!

According to the last RARE video, Sea of ​​Thieves 11 season makes radical changes to the method of access and activation of travel. Previously, traveling could be purchased only from representatives of trading companies at one of the starting outposts of the game. This meant that you would have to spend a lot of time in often completely uninteresting swimming, traveling back and forth on the map in order to pick up new tasks, drop prey, and so on.

However, starting from the 11th season, all travels will be available at any time from the updated quests table on your ship. Here you will gain access to the flights of trading companies (ranked by duration), Tall Tales and many others, which means that you can immediately go on any journey that you will like, without the need to make a long trip to the advanpost to buy his.

Rare introduces the equivalent of quick travel to Sea of ​​Thieves, which allows you to almost completely reduce swimming time. By choosing a trip in the quests table, you can either anchor and hit the road by the old fashioned way, or immediately plunge under the water, floating right next to the destination point.

Rare is not going to completely get rid of "nautical" component of Sea of ​​Thieves. Any loot on board your ship will be immediately lost when you activate quick movement, floating to the surface of the ocean, which means that you still have to first deliver it to the vvvanpost to get a full reward.

As RARE notes, in all sailing of trading companies, you can now get exclusive treasures characteristic of a particular company, and obtaining this new loot will help unlock the cartographic pistol and musketon. In addition, the emerging prey – for example, found on sunken ships or during swimming "Message in a bottle" – Now it will take the form of new royal treasures that will help unlock new objects during delivery.

And this is not all: the maximum level for all trading companies was increased from 75 to 100, and new decorative jewelry can be obtained as a reward for ships, including the buns of characters, a wooden booth clock, a terrible mirror and much more. In addition, captains can receive new ship’s emblems, and for reaching the 100th level, the trading company gives differences-rings that your pirates can wear on their fingers.

Rare even added completely new manuals for each of the trading companies, which may be suggested that the influx of new players who need leadership is still expected. Will recent reports that Sea of ​​Thieves will be released on PlayStation and Switch in the near future, to be true?

11th season, which will also bring 100 new levels of seasonal progression and corresponding awards, the new Plunder Pass, new income for emissaries, a new Maestro clothing set and various additions to the Pirate Emporium premium store, starts for Xbox and PC in Next Tuesday, January 23, if you want to plunge into the game.