Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon: online in Steam amounted to 110 thousand people

The release of the action took place tonight Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon from Fromsoftware: online in Steam exceeded 110 thousand people. The game took 4th place in online among games Fromsoftware, Having lost only Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (125 thousand), Dark Souls III (129 thousand) and Elden Ring (953 thousand).

The game received high scores of critics: the average score of the play on Metacritic is 87 points, the Opencritic 85 points are the highest ratings in the series.

The game was already hacked on the PC, despite the presence of ARXAN defense: Tenoke has distinguished himself.

Great! I’ll start on the weekend!

Already on torrents if what

Already on torrents.

It was just by the end of the first act in the BG3, but here AC6. I’ll start to go through it, and there will be left there. I’ll start to go through it, and there AW2 will come out. Then nothing comes out at all, then per quarter one after another. Now it remains to find time.

Yes the year is very good on

Who has a new one, and who has not even passed everything yet, and not everything has been completed among the desired new one, I still go through Horizon 2.

Sadness is that earlier the games come out as often as often and all good, in recent years there were only transfers, cyberpunct will come out back in September

Game of a boy’s fantasy about fur from 2000) Therefore, 10 out of 10, if you don’t need to shit the game

I played my studies, I thought I would return it, but I began to go through the mission – it dragged on, the PVP has not yet unlocked, I hope it will be interesting

Yes, already 150 thousand. And the game is excellent!

I hope the game will not disappoint.

I looked at the yutyub a gameplay, did not hook, another disappointment, empty non -designed locations. In short, for PVP it will go away, no more.

There the world is open or not, there is something to explore?

Not. There are separate cards-mission. Like in nioh2

who played the game how*?

Tell me, what the game is about and how it can hook me and seeks to go to the end. I did not find information or sought poorly, but from what I found, there was an opinion that this is a jerkid from level to level, improving the fur and the entire plot/task/tie consists of type ". There they broke through, figure it out. " . If you round, then a session with the time of passing from the skill. Type Vanguist – class/peppy fighting, but "An even evening", If there is nothing to do or little time, and play Hotsts =) . I am simply not interested (already) games with a plot/story, such as – ". Vasya, take a machine gun, since we have a breakthrough at the western gate ! Forward, brother – our future depends on you. ". Let such games and super = bulper, but for me – through a passage of hours, become dull and monotonous slag. Clarify please. Fans of the series, please do not be offended – for you this is a masterpiece, but for me (judging by the description and reviews.) – The next "go and shoot, clean the corridor. For what !? So it is necessary. "

jerkid from level to level, improving the fur and the entire plot/task/tie consists of type ". There they broke through, figure it out. "

Like any FROMS game.

This game is exactly what you described. Perform ordinary missions to upgrade fur and all in a circle. There is no plot as such in the game, if you play Ace Combat, you will understand what I mean

A very strange comment, you yourself described the principles of the game, he yourself said that such games are not your format, but for some reason you want you to explain why you will play the game in which you do not want to play, you keep us in the know what games are more than you They are not interested in what kind of game in your opinion the jerkid is, but in general it seems that you hate Fromoma fiercely, but you cannot accept their popularity, the dude just pass by

In any game, the base is gameplay. And then he is on top. If you need to make a cins – go and look at Kinzo.

Yes, I just played enough in such and soulless + rushing such a trend of all the cracks. The list of desired melts with each subsequent release.Maybe "Fucking" After passing the FF-16 and belnant-2 =)) . In the Dark Souls series, there is some kind of magic that constantly keeps in the game and encourages playing and studying it, enjoying it. By the way. I will go ka ng+4 to the demon Souls . Thank you for leaning on a good thought !

Here it is, the indicator that the game industry has finally died, people play in all shit and rejoice!

I tried a pirate, game crap. Yes, taking into account the fact that the game will find its audience, 3600 for this hat, clearly too much.

The game has been developed since 2016 – 7 years! There is nothing to do people? On the way DLS Elden Ring. And taking into account the expended human resources, time and finance on furs, we would have expected not the DLS on the way, but Elden Ring-2

They with furs began their gamestroy, so they decided to make an Oldam a gift, well, they have super popular, and they probably wanted to relax in their homeland, and they liked it in independent studios, they wanted to do what they should do, but they should do it and Therefore, they do so to speak for

Well, they are not entirely independent, they and publishers produce projects, t.their development should sponsor them. Another thing is that Bandai Namco easily allocates money to them.

Where is this online, this is a very narrow genre.

That’s the point – it is not narrow – there were simply no analogues on a PC for years. For many, this is a discovery.

If in such a robot the naked chick in panties could be squeezed the prices of the game, and so

Already in the basket in vain rolled lags

Great, we are waiting on torrents

I have long been ordered long before the rise and we will play with friends.

P.S.: Lol. Offended freeloers put me a minus. As if buying games is bad. Well, these are your problems if you can’t buy games. I can understand if it cost from 4000 rubles, I would not buy it myself, but 2400 rubles are not very expensive and you can buy.

Do not pay attention. This is your choice- your position . And you can listen to someone else’s opinion, but decide in your own. I laid on these disadvantages. I work and I decide how to live and spend money, and not a person for an emoticon. The forum exists in order to share personal opinions and find out the opinion of other people, and then (if there are brains) – draw conclusions and make decisions. But these "+/-" – Complete Archarik. I also understand, evaluate the article or news (its presentation), but posts .

Thank you. I believe that at all to remove these + and -leave only comments. I think this is the right decision.

She is already 3700 🙂

Already on the torrent at Hatab lies with a tablet
Tablet: Tenoke Crackfix

We are waiting for ripak from Fitgers

Which is compressed in muddy and will be unpacked for half a day

Why do you need repaki at a speed of 60-100 MB per second? Repaks were needed when the speed was 800 kb per second) and you set to download the game for the night)

Saving space on Hard? no, I understand that most of the speed shootings were downloaded and left with distribution. but it is also necessary to distribute it, but the free space is not rubber..

It is especially necessary if the game has a ton of excess and you can chop it, and on the chopped one another game is chopped back (while not small)