Diablo 4 has become the most quickly sold by Blizzard Entertainment for all time

Diablo IV, the last part of the famous Diablo franchise, reached a significant border, receiving the title of the most quickly sold game Blizzard Entertainment for all the time. This success is primarily due to the highest sales before launching the game ever registered Blizzard, both on consoles and on PC.

Since the launch of the game in early access on June 1, in just four days she gained amazing 93 million hours of playing time. In other words, with a continuous game, this will be more than 10,000 years, which is equivalent to the game 24 hours a day since the origin of human civilization.

According to the Ferguson clan, general manager Diablo, "For the Diablo IV command, this is the moment for which we have been preparing for many years. We are very proud that we can offer players the rich story ever told in the game Diablo". Diablo IV offers players many opportunities – from the individual setting of the character to collecting the legendary loot in accordance with their game style, and all this during the battle with terrible demons.

Ferguson also noted the enormous support that Diablo IV received since its announcement in 2019. "Since the announcement of the game in 2019, the support of millions of players around the world has prompted us to release our gloomy vision of the sanctuary. Glory Lilith, Blessed Mother", – he said.

Mike Ibarra, President Blizzard Entertainment, praised Diablo IV, saying: "Our concept in Blizzard is to create legendary experience for everyone, and Diablo IV is an incredible embodiment of this concept". According to him, this masterfully created the embodiment of the Diablo universe was an example of the talent of the developer team and offered a hospitable platform for both the veterans of the series and beginners. He added: "Whether you are a series of a series or for the first time immerse yourself in a sanctuary, we welcome players at the global presentation of Diablo IV".