Bioshock 4, according to rumors, have serious problems in development

The process of developing the upcoming Bioshock game seems to be associated with difficulties, according to a series of tweets published by Oops Leaks. It should be noted that these allegations are only rumors until they are confirmed by official sources.

Oops Leks, known for sharing information about the gaming industry, expressed concern about the state of the new Bioshock game. The insider said that the game went through a number of difficulties, including a frequent change in developers’ teams, multiple reloading and numerous rewriting. According to the tweets, despite all these efforts to update the game, the development process remains unorganized, which leads to the fact that the author of the leak "Hell of development".

It is noteworthy that the account indicated the unusual composition of the game staff: a large number of employees, obviously, did not have the necessary experience for such an ambitious project. This situation, combined with high staff turnover under the contract, has reportedly led to the fact that less qualified specialists remade the work.

In addition, according to Oops Leks, the script team experienced significant difficulties, unable to create a script corresponding to the expectations of the famous Bioshock franchise. This problem was reported, caused a critical reboot

The insider also provided an event chronology, noting that the project was rebooted four times from the moment of attracting the developer of the game Certain Affinity to date under the leadership of Cloud Chamber. The last reboot occurred in the summer of 2022.

Despite these obstacles, signs indicate some progress in the development. In March, an application for the brand of Cloud Chamber was repeatedly submitted, and during the recent call of T2 investors, plans for the release of the game in 2025 financial year were confirmed. It is also reported that the number of vacancies for the project remains high.

However, Oops Leaks claims that if the game is not announced this summer, this may indicate deeper problems in development that may jeopardize the release planned for 2025. These problems are explained by poor management, uncertainty in financial success, dubious personnel decisions and ongoing global pandemia.

Although these statements draw a complex picture to develop a new Bioshock game, they are currently not confirmed. Until more specific information or comments of official sources appear, the real state of development of the game remains unclear.