In response to the concealment of 80,000 negative reviews about War Thunder, gamers are preparing a response

At its core, online games are radically different from other industries – one update is often enough to configure devoted fans against their favorite developers. The solution of such crises depends only on the reaction of the developers, and in the case of the Gaijin Entertainment studio, we received a clear demonstration of what annoys the players most.

War Thunder is a military MMO, which from the moment of its exit in 2013 continues to attract new and new players. This month, the game received an update that made significant changes to the economy of the game, which most players did not like.

The developers quickly reacted to the discontent of the community, trying to clarify the situation. In their statement, they even promised to make changes as soon as possible.
For players who have already expressed their anxiety when the new system was first announced, promises to make improvements, requests for understanding and links to the survey was not enough.

From the moment of the last update, the game began to gain thousands of new assessments in Steam, the vast majority of which were negative.

At some point, a monthly counter of new reviews showed about 99.8 thousand. However, everything changed when the majority (as much as 80,000) of these comments were hidden.

It can be assumed that Valve systems considered a wave of criticism unreasonable "Revoy-bombing", That is, a massive intentional decrease in the game rating. Having accepted such an explanation, Steam hid all the reviews published at the same time, considering them useless or not related to business.

Ignoring the initial complaints and hidden reviews in Steam are one of the factors that ultimately forced the War Thunder community to take more radical steps.

Players who mainly grouped around Reddit dedicated to War Thunder decided to unite and planned the mass boycott of the game. The action will take place on May 26, t.e. Today.

The reaction was huge, the information reached many corners of the Internet and gave rise to hundreds of truly revolutionary posters or videos calling people to stop playing.

At this stage, the action has acquired much more importance than a simple disagreement with the update. The IC3B3RGS user explains in his message:

This year is decisive for the game. This year has become a year of growth for War Thunder. Since 2022, there has been a constant growth of the base of the players, and all that the company can see at these points is the future profit. Even after for many years the game has become more and more complicated, the base of the players is growing. Of course, this means that everyone is happy? All that they might think about is to take advantage of the moment and earn even more. More premise, more grind, more money. The gaming base should show this if you go too far, all this growth can be easily lost. Gaijin is not going to bankrupt in the near future. The only language in which they say is profit graphs and growth graphs. Their first decision in the case of a rebellion will be control of damage. Delay and waiting.

Gaijin is scared, but they will not give up so simple. The highest leadership should conclude that in the long run it is more profitable to improve the economy and maintain growth than to push the players away from themselves and risk stable growth on which we were located. If we fail, and this game will grow at the top of this economy, there will be no way back. There will be no other chance.

Countless players have already protested for the protest. They believe that we have already done enough. That we have already defeated somehow. Nothing has changed and, most likely, will not change in the near future. The snail can eat and make money, but she needs to show where the limit. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, this will determine the game, which we will play in 2, 3, 5 years. Predatory monetization will not stop so simply. And this will affect everyone, from F2P players to whales who invested five -digit sums in the game. Everyone will suffer if the economy remains at the same level or will become worse.

Stay active. If you can, do not play this game on the 26th. Go to the game if you don’t want to interrupt the series. But do not play a single match. Get out of it as soon as possible. Even if it’s 5%, it’s still a drop. This will submit that we can show our discontent and we will not "keep it only on forums", How they would like. Do not delete negative reviews at the first cute message from snails. This is what they expect from us, what we always did. And look at what it led to.

Being a convention-free game, War Thunder has relied on specific monetization models for many years, which have always caused a certain discontent. However, in this case, this measure has exhausted itself.

Representatives of the Gaijin Entertainment studio did not respond to these specific accusations, but 2 days ago they brought additional apology on the official website of the game.

From accompanying information, we can find out that the correction of the economic system is currently a priority for developers, and they plan to publish a detailed plan of their actions until June 14.

However, users noticed that at the same time a suspicious, easily perceptible change occurred on the War Thunder website. From the graphic image, which is immediately visible at the entrance to their site – indicating the platforms on which the game is available, – the Steam logo disappeared.

However, the game itself is still available on Valve platform. It can be assumed that the developers decided to take this step in the face of the incavigable reviews coming. However, this would be another form of departure from responsibility.

This insignificant detail also received its own topic on Reddit, where, in a brief presentation, the players considered this behavior a shameful.

The finale of this issue is still very far away – it will come after the boycott ends and the developers will begin to try to fix the system. However, this is one of the most impressive examples of how players unite to fight for the future of their favorite game.