Dead Space remake received a 90-minute free trial version for PC

Electronic Arts has released a 90-minute free test version of Dead Space Remake for PC on Steam. From today to May 29, gamers on a PC can download a free trial version and get acquainted with this game in the horror genre of third -party.

As far as I know, a free trial version is based on the latest version of the game. The release version suffered from some problems with performance and EA Motive could not eliminate them all. Thus, it will give you a pretty good idea of ​​how the game works on your PC system.

You can download a free trial version from the official page of the game in the Steam store. Users from UK may need VPN.

We are waiting for the Empress

We can hack the test version of Steam to the final autonomous version

Waiting for a full version on torrents. They don’t give us alternatives.

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We are waiting for a bypass through a demo

It exists and is located on the best forum.

Since yesterday I have been playing with a demo version (more than 2 hours 30 minutes)

So she still suffers, terrible staters every second

Yes, even did not notice, although it passed it twice, it happened only when quickly moving to the locations of the FPS drops during loading.

I also did not notice any staters

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It turned out to be untied from Steam

The game is completely removed from Steam

1. Download the free trial version of Dead Space (2023) from Steam, run the game at least once to generate Denuvo token token

2. Copy the Dead Space folder (2023) to another disc

3. Insert Force_steamid into it.txt in the Steam settings folder and place your Steam64 identifier in it, you can find out from your profile, enter the browser and look at (17 numbers) copy this number to insert into Force_steamid.TXT save (or you can view it in AppManifest_1693980 from the Steamapps folder Open the notebook and look at the line "Lastowner", right next to which is 17 numbers

4. Complete Steam and run the game with Dead Space.Exe on the disk in which you copied if the game starts up, then everything is ready, you can safely delete the game from Steam and instead play with Goldberg EMU