Fresh gameplay shots Skyblivion from a development diary

The team of models for the remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in Skyrim, Skyblivion has released a new development diary. In this new diary, the team introduced new personnel of the gameplay from the long -awaited project.

The purpose of Skyblivion is to introduce the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion a new generation of gamers and again present it to the long -standing fans of the series. This mod will also support Skyrim Legacy Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.

After the release of the mod will be completely modular. Thus, players will be able to choose which components they want to install. This includes all the improvements developed by the team, such as the reconstruction of the landscape, the reconstruction of the interior, the reconstruction of the city, the reconstruction of weapons/armor and much more.

For those who are interested, the team plans to release Skyblivion in 2025. Nevertheless, judging by what we have seen so far, it will cost to wait.

Why make Skyrim on the engine, when very soon the 6th part?

after 5 years it is soon?

Given how quickly they work, then yes – very soon. At best, they will have time to make their project a year before the release of the 6th part.

This is if the tes6 really will come out in 5 years, otherwise there will be another halva 3

Halva 3 was, well, that piece with BP. So now wait for halva 4, 40 years old.

They made Starfield all this time. Since the announcement of the sixth part, there is still zero information at all, even there are no plums, so the game at best only on paper is there.
Considering that after the release of Starfield they will still repair it + part of the person to do the DLC I doubt that up to 25 we will hear something about scrolls not only to play.

13 years Karl .. Fans made whole new games during this time like Endural .. disgrace..

So no one wanted to do something

It has long been known that the whole joke of such long-term mods is either the collection of donated from Beliver, or the opportunity to simply show himself in the hope that some developer will notice you and offer real work in Gamdev.

I turn on the whiner mode. It is impossible to look at this vegetation without blood from the eyes. Why is she all yellowed? This is how the materials react to sunlight? So they need to reconfigure them! And what kind of deserted orange gamut and atmosphere in the forests around the tower? From the video to the video, this gamma does not go anywhere. This is still relevant in the desert, but not juicy (once) Syrodil forests. It seems to make a remake of the old game based on a new one, but visually it turns out worse.

I still think she will come out before tes vi.

it’s time to cut Skyphield

I don’t understand the big point to transfer the tes4 to tes5. I played both original parts, and I will not say that the graphics in the fifth is so much superior. On the contrary, in the original fourth part I liked the picture more, it is more colorful chtoli, and in the fifth there is some kind of gray dullness. Skyrrovind with the full transfer of the plot and Gampleei would be more justified as for me.

Well, this is not a graphics, but art

So there is the northern part of Tamriel. There are not so many colors.

In the fifth at least NPS, not walking swollen drowners! but only this already makes the game better at times! And not Skyrrovind but Skywind of Off the name of this project. He is also! but he seems to have been frozen so far.

Skyrim has not yet been passed)

After all, someone needs to feed mud crab..

Funny, I watched the video before I read the description, and looking at the percentage of the completed thought, well, for 2 years and in the description just 25 years)

Which video? 25 years there in the video itself for 13 seconds.

I picked him up

I’m waiting more than Skywind.

Here is the information on it zero. I somehow talked in a discord with the guys from the Skyoblivion team, so part of the developments there were from the first project and left because it was not clear who was doing what and if he was doing at all.

It is especially ridiculous to watch the video of the Librarium from 2016, saying that Skywind will never come out, given that already at that time it was supposedly ready to line.

It was obvious that such a project would at least drag on for a long time. It’s a pity if they can be completely canceled.

Dough – yes. It’s only when the authors began to apply copywrites on the resources of the project, and then take them away, leaving the project, I stopped waiting for this mod.

Oblivion and in itself distinguishing the game, improve the graphics with a mod and let them play health

even I did not find a single fashion for Oblivion who would make normal NPS and normal textures. one cartoon crap and stretched lands!

I like Oblivion without mods and on a good gland not a bad column

yeah straight "Super" graphic arts. You look at any NPS and do not understand how you from RPG got to the drowned festival of which have already been fully fanned. About soap instead of textures (with any one that the environment, that things) I generally be silent.

If this comes out, I will definitely play. Still, Sirodil is the most beautiful province (except for altmer lands, of course).

Oblivion is of course the best of the series, xs why everyone is hoping for Sky, because it is worse in many aspects.

xs, I like them the same. Something good in 4 scrolls, something in the 5th. I put it in Sky over 400 mods. I have been playing for a month

While we are waiting for Tes6, Skyblivion will be released already

you really believe that 6 scrolls will go out at 25? Even the developer said that 6 scrolls before 26 should not wait. so don’t "La-la" here

No I do not believe. Tes 6 in 28-30g will be. If they start to do it at all, and not folly new.

Soap kapets. Who is bigger)))

O .ma. bastard . This is this?this is not up to the 25th year, and for 10 years still

These are just unsuccessful or dragged textures for later, baby, play at least a week of 3d Max or Maya)))

Why the hell is it in the presentation to suck, bat?

This is a fan presentation, show what they did, not a teaser release to clean everything to polish

But this, by the way, is a completely adequate claim. I have a whole soul for the project, but, damn it, it is better to choose another angle if you want to make a presentation. There, literally the marginal grid was visible, while on the neighboring two, everything finished, if I may say. Hazelly approached this scene.

. at extra charge.

09.59 – this is who, molag ball? If so, what . He does there? And if not, then why does it look like it?

On 0.11 Temporary scale. Looking at her, something is weak in promises.

But still: what . He does there? Or the developers grabbed nothing at the same time and "Oblivion"?

You can write in English? In the sense of what he does there? Skyblivion Oblivion transfer project to Skyrim, and the plot Oblivion is tied to the Dagon and its cult. You confused the campaign with Skywind.

Guilty, read incorrectly. I thought it was a redistribution "Skyrim" ((

To wait too long. Well, him. Although the game is IMBA👍

At first I took a firmly when viewing, but in the 5th minute the idea came that I had already played these games enough and personally I was not interested in them. You can envy youth good, which without feeling the original will begin to master this creation.

Everything has its time.

Well xs.. It once seemed to me that I almost knew. But here I play it for the last month and find new things regularly.

But they did not abandon

Well, this is for themselves, if for so many years they spent, only on the graphics, and did not redeem the game mechanics for the better, then everything is in vain.

I ate what mechanics? The guys initially set a goal to just transfer the locations and the plot to the Skyrim engine and only. from which choir they should transfer some mechanics to you? Because you so wanted? Well, you need to go to the team and transfer to them. there they are happy to accept volunteers. Dare! what are we sitting in an empty and criticized? Come on, show the class!

Rather, Todd Tes6 will release than these guys their project.(

Well, tone. And the fact that the developer said that before 26 years the next scrolls can not even be expected, for this,. will be released by him aha.

I am already making an infinity just just. The fact that they say about 25 years, it can change five times more.

You will be very surprised, but 99% of such projects are created not for gamers, but for portfolio when applying for work in the same gazebo.

tag about yellow))

And then suddenly Tes 6 suddenly comes out, and.
Although Starblivion is also an option 🙂

Ooo yes I always wanted to be united together)))

Honestly, it looks already outdated. Let them begin to remake on the dvigl from Starfield.

Xs, it would be better to make Dudgerfel on the Skyrim engine

And Morrorim will be?

They tried to the name

Let’s wait. Playing Starfield

Go make better.

something like that. dumb. It feels like nothing has changed. Or it seems to me so?

no, here you can see the difference. Again, do not forget that the engine of Skyrim the level of 2012, and then to put it mildly, the details in most games were not a fountain. So it looks normal. Let’s see what we get on the release. maybe I will go through Oblivion beyond the initial stages.

Started in 2012, when Skyrim’s graphics are still relevant, they will finish at 2025, when Skyrim is already forgotten.

Skyrim will never forget!

What a freebie. Instead of creating something original and new, they just redo the old game. Why spend so much time on a remake when you could come up with your own world and history? Typical copy-pasters who are too lazy to think and come up with something of their. And yes, the game will come out with blurry textures and low -polygonal models of characters. The graphics will look outdated in a couple of years. Tired of looking at such a freebie from models. Is it really impossible to create something new and breakthrough? Or they are not capable of it?

This is a typical example of laziness and fanaticism – to redo the old game instead of creating a new. Thus, it is easier to attract fans of the original than to come up with something exclusive. In general, the usual halaveshchina and copy -paste for lazy people.

когда были большие глобальные моды не было движков, готовых делать большие миры и магазинов асетов. Therefore, a person who wanted to create his game went to the cards editor of some Neverwinter Knights or Tes and made a game there, starting from the finished programmed game mechanics and ready -made models and textures.
Now you can take a popular powerful engine for free, but still, in fact, it will take the work of specialists, truth plus that the game can be monetized and distributed as a commercial product.
Zhdva. This is done by fans of this series Igor, who do not need new games, but it is necessary to expand or stretch their favorite series and if they take and start their tes or tear out models from the Igor of the Tes series and immerse it on a fashion engine and will somehow spread legal problems, Therefore, they are forced to work with the tools of these.

Honestly, I don’t really understand why fashion is needed now. It is possible to develop them complex and for a long time especially large mods. If you want to make my giant better to take the engine, but this is a heavier initial start but also more flexible opportunities in theory. For example, you can take and throw out the entire DND of the mechanics from the game, the pindle and the 3d manna is normal and the trees so that 3d are 3D. And on the engine of the game with hard logic, I smile some things hard to hurt. Although AM will develop Staricitizen cut the inscription from the engine and they finished a bunch of everything to make some more or less normal game.