Lords of the Fallen developers explained how the multiplayer mode works in the game

In the role action of Lords of the Fallen from the HexWorks studio and CI Games players will have a gloomy world of dark fantasy, filled with dangerous monsters. The developers promise to pay tribute to the Souls-Like genre and give players a really difficult adventure that you can go alone or together with partners in a network game. The head of the HexWorks studio Sol Gascon in the latest interview for foreign media told about all the features of the multi -user regime Lords of The Fallen.

As the key developer Lords of the Fallen notes, the game is present "seamless" Cooperative regime. Players can go to help other players at any time of their passage or call on an ally to help themselves. It will be possible to invite both your friend and a random partner from any of the in -game control points (called "Remnants").

In the cooperative mode of Lords of the Fallen, players are divided into two types – the owner and guest. The owner controls the state of the world, whether it is mechanisms or interaction with the NPC, while the guest can only select falling loot, maintain accumulated energy, increase the level and interact with merchants, but cannot perform quests and conduct dialogue with them. When a guest dies in a battle, the owner of the world can resurrect him, interacting with his statues, which appears in the place of his death. If both players die, they will return to the last point of the Renaissance without breaking the gaming session.

The Lords of the Fallen PVP part will be implemented through the invasion mechanics. Players will be able to invade other players around the world or specially designated PVP zones. The invader, as a rule, will appear close enough to the owner of the world in order to quickly start the battle, but he will have only one life and he will be vulnerable before switching the state of the world.

Recall that earlier the authors talked about the similarities of Lords of the Fallen with Elden Ring.

Lords of the Fallen will take place on October 13 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.