Cits: SkyLines 2 developers ask for advice from players how to cope with the toxicity of the community

Colossal Order released the first message from the developers of CITies: SkyLines 2 in 2024, and the developer wants to get a council from players who will help to understand the difficult issue.

In previous messages, upcoming updates were described in detail or warned from the use of incomplete parts of CITIES: SkyLines 2, but this touches a slightly darker topic. In the eighth message, the head of Colossal Order Mariina Khallikainen says that she and her team noticed “The growing trend of toxicity»Among the Cities community: SkyLines 2.

Khallikainen said that this toxicity is aimed not only at the developers themselves, but also to other members of the community, as a result of which “People do not dare to interact with the community“. Next, she asks if the players can: SkyLines 2 “have a constructive way to tell us how we can improve the way of communication with each other“. Potential options that it outlines includes strengthening the moderation of the community or stopping participation in order to protect the developers from persecution.

Khallikainen also calls for players to give feedback, but to do it constructively and assume that others have good intentions, remembering that “The tone can be difficult to convey in writing“.

In addition to solving the problem of toxicity, Hallikainen also examined what will happen next in Cits: Skylines 2. She said that the long -awaited editor should be “Prepared enough for closed beta testing in a few weeks“Therefore, it should not take a lot of time before you can try this function.

According to Hallikainen, Colossal Order is working to make Cits: SkyLines 2 available for console players “As soon as possible“. The new schedule for the coming months will be published “Later”.

However, before the release of the editor – and therefore, presumably, and before release on the consoles, a patch will be released, correcting various “Simulation and visualization errors“.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 is already available for PC. It is also part of the PC Game Pass, and when console versions will be released, it will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass.