Robocop: Rogue City is an almost role -playing game that can be called the embodiment of the dream of a fan

Journalists of the German publication Gamestar, after familiarizing themselves with the demo version of Robocop Rogue City, shared their impressions of the role -playing action based on the film "Robocop". As it turned out, Robocop Rogue City is the first game of Teyon, developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

  • The Robocop Rogue City used two of the most important elements of Unreal Engine 5: Lumen Global Lighting and Nanite Dynamic Detailing System. Each of them is highly valued by developers, as it contributes to the better transmission of the realism of the game world.
  • In Robocop Rogue City, you will not find filters that give the game the atmosphere of films of the 80s. Instead there will be other post -cutting effects to convey the atmosphere of the original film "Robocop". It was very important for developers to create a retro feeling, but at the same time get a clear and clean image".
  • The game does not provide for the mode "New game plus".
  • The developers did not want the robocop to run, and it was not easy to adapt the appropriate gameplay.
  • The game will have unique enemies using various weapons that can become a real problem for the robocop. He is very strong, but not indulgent. This can be seen in the example of an attack by special forces in the first film about Robocope".
  • The return from the weapon is good, which is facilitated by the effects of blood spray and a large number of explosive objects.
  • In the first-person mode, he moves slowly, as it should be, a man-man, absorbing blows in numerous shootings with pumped drugs with punk and treating his steel Alter Ego with the help of repair modules scattered on the map.
  • In hand -to -hand combat, the hero strikes deadly blows, enemies can be grabbed and thrown, like chairs, TVs and even motorcycles.
  • In the game, everything – from sound effects to an additional scan display in battle – resembles an original picture.
  • In the breaks between the battles and the implementation of linear plot missions (often with the accompaniment of the NPC – film police officer Ann Lewis) you can researcher of Gryaznoye and Gloomy Detroit Street.
  • Side tasks are always consistent and valuable here, in them everything works to create an image of an incorruptible guardian of the law.
  • Numerous role -playing elements are perfectly inscribed in the game: for the performance of plot missions and the search for evidence (drugs, fake money, stolen), some of them are cunningly hidden, you will receive experience points that can be spent on the development of many useful skills.
  • Every few levels open some special ability.
  • The skills of hacking the safe, conducting a psychological conversation are available (opens up new opportunities in dialogs with several options for answers) or logical evidence analysis.
  • You can turn a robocop into a cruel, invulnerable butcher or strengthen his detective skills and thus gain access to new bonuses and the best awards hidden in the game world.
  • After Murphy removes the gun, the right mouse button no longer illuminates enemies, as in battle, but shows tips that can be scanned. It can be a code for a locked safe or switch that opens secret rooms with supplies.

According to journalists, in the demo version of Robocop: Rogue City there is something that is ahead of 90% of all modern shooters. However, over a long period of time, the game is felt as a kind of relic of the past.

Rogue City is a love letter to connoisseurs of the 1987 film, and the preliminary version of Steam shows that in September we are waiting for a really great license game. A game that offers much more than just shoot.

Robocop: Rogue City will be released in September 2023, the exact release date has not yet been reported