The producer of the series hinted that Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth can become the final chapter for Kiryu

The upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth can become the final chapter for the beloved protagonist of the Kazuma Kiryu series, said the chief producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto in a recent interview with The Gamer.

Although Sakamoto did not say directly about the final fate of Kiryu, he admitted that the game would be dedicated to the struggle of the Dodzima dragon with cancer and the implementation of his list of affairs. He emphasized that the series seeks to display a realistic life experience, including aging and related problems, hinting that History of Cyrus can naturally end in Infinite Wealth. However, Sakamoto assures the fans that the departure of Cyrus will not be shrouded in hopelessness.

They claim that they did not want the story to be so gloomy and predictable, but they wanted the players to see what they wanted to Cyry. A kind of atonement, where he will eventually be happy. Since they avoid predictability, I would say that it will not be cured. It would be a predictable ending, and Yakuza has too good the plot for this.

We also do not want the story to be so gloomy and predictable. There is a lot of hope in this story. This is what you want to see from Cyrian? Turn everything back, find hope, understand what will be better for him and what will make him the happiest. We try to do everything very exciting and do not try to do something that at the end will be very sad or disappointing. I hope you will look forward to how this story will develop.

Infinite Wealth also represents Ichiban Kasugu, the protagonist Like a Dragon 7, as an important figure along with Cyrus. Fans can expect an exciting interaction between them when they move on a unique setting of Hawaii. This is like Kirya conveys Torch Kasuge.

Whether Infinite Wealth will become a swan song Kiryu or the next exciting head of his saga is still unknown.