Redfall players are dissatisfied with the silence of developers about post-relief content, despite the previous statements

Redfall release was continuous errors and gameplay, which most players did not like. Arkane Austin corrected many problems in the following hotfixes, but at the same time kept silent about a previously announced post-relief content. As a result, many loyal Redfall players felt an abandoned studio. A new message to Reddit, published in the Xbox Series X community, perfectly reflects user thoughts.

User Redditor U/Welsdragon888 claims that Phil Spencer and Arkane Austin do not maintain relations with the community after the game is released. In the past, the creative director of Arkane Austin Harvi Smith in an interview said that Redfall would become the most supportive project after launch, which caused a surge of excitement and prompted many players to pay an additional price for additional materials.

I think the silence of Arkane, Bethesda and Xbox is absolutely deafening here. I love Xbox and love Phil Spencer, but we, as a community, should be responsible when something goes wrong, and they do not support our community, as promised", – It is said in the message on Reddit.

However, players who paid for additional content are still waiting for any news or updates from developers after three months from the date of its release. "But the lack of communication and a huge amount of time, which has passed without any significant news, simply does not suit".

Redfall developers promised additional characters for players who paid more for Bite Back. For the players of Xbox Series X, a version with a frequency of 60 fps was promised. Nevertheless, for all three months, Arkane Austin has not released a single content update, and there were no statements confirming that the company was generally working on any content after starting the game.

At a minimum, Arkane must report their intentions in the near future, give people information about what and when we can expect. Then they must meet these terms, and if not, bear responsibility.

All players in the comments agreed with this statement. Some users even ask Arkane Austin to return the money to those who paid for additional characters if the company cannot release post-release content in the future. Arkane Austin has not yet commented on information about future Redfall updates and the progress of work on the promised content.

The launch of the first -person game Microsoft after long expectations from the game industry was rather unsuccessful. Until now, the game has not received proper distribution, having lost almost half of the players just a few days after the release. Many users have already managed to leave the game, engaged in the extermination of vampires, and those who remained to wait for post-reliable content and improvements were met only by silence. Redfall entered the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC on May 2, 2023.