CD Projekt equally belonged to the main characters of Cyberpunk 2077 – a man and a woman

In the Cyberpunk 2077, players will be able to choose a male or female version of the Vee Protagonist, but the developers of the CD Projekt Red from the very beginning of the creation of the game make them both are equally relevant.

Speaking at the ANSWRED podcast, the leading quest designer CD Projekt Red Blagia Augustine told about the interesting tactics used by the developers so that the character does not have one specific worldview.

Funny story: When we worked on Cyberpunk, we made a conscious decision that quest designers will think about Vi as a female character, and scriptwriters as a male character. Therefore, we did not want us to have some kind of look, whether it be feminine or male, and the approach to the world.

According to Augustine, Vi will always remain a woman for him, and he does not perceive the male character as a real hero of the game. But other employees of CD Projekt RED most likely consider otherwise. This topic has been warmly discussed since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, when the players wondered which of them is a canonical character or who feels more authentic in this world. But, as it turned out, both.

According to Philippe Weber CD Project Red Director, this is strikingly different from working on the games of The Witcher series, since most of the studio employees, if not everyone, were familiar with the long -standing hero Geralt from Rivia.

It was a really conscious voice because we got used to Geralt. We are always used to writing for Geralt, to make quests for Geralt, so when we learned: "Ok, we create a new character, and this character can be a woman", We made it a rule when writing quests design documents always write "she". Thus, we remind ourselves in the brain that this is another type of character, and now we have to take into account more than, perhaps, in the case of Geralt.

Thus, Philip explains, developing the game, they all the time reminded themselves that they were working with a completely new hero, and so hesitated to create vi in ​​the usual style of Geralt.