New adventures in the Shimmering Frontier large update for Core Keeper

Discover a new sparkling environment and examine the sparkling crystalline kingdom in updating Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier – the next large content update for the well -known mining adventure player game, which will be released in the form of free update on October 4.

In the update of Shimmering Frontier, the researchers will go on a trip into the depths of the new crystalline bioma, where they will have to open a new SOLARITE ore and create a new equipment. Master the powerful Roofing Gadget device with a new tool with which you can break through the ceiling and create sunlight rays, as well as Oblitation Ray – a destructive laser drill that can make the walls faster than any other equipment in the game.

Experience your military skills in new combat events – scenarios of battles in the arena, where the most brave ones will be able to get impressive awards. Find more than 50 new armor and equipment, including a necklace "Fang larvae", capable of taking HP from enemies, a cloak that increases the space in the inventory, and much more.

For the first time, improve your equipment using the new Upgrade Station station to increase your favorite weapon and tools. Defeat the Atlantean worm – a new colossal optional boss hiding under water in a biom "The sunken sea", And discover a completely new weapon for yourself, including new razor scales, a mace with fragments and a sticky staff from mucus.

In addition to the new content, players expect many improvements to the quality of life, including optimization of performance, improvement of water physics, new player settings, 6 additional Steam achievements and much more.

In addition, from today in a separate update for Core Keeper, official modes of mods have appeared: a special MOD SDK has been launched. Fully integrated with a platform for creating mods MOD.IO, after downloading today’s update, Core Keeper players will be able to view and install mods created by players directly from the intra -game menu as they are created or create their own using a special MOD SDK. Discover completely new methods of the game and expand your underground adventures using the content created by the community or become "Core-Tive" with your own creations!