CD Projekt Red Promotions collapsed after the release of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

In September of this year, the Polish studio CD Projekt Red has released the long -awaited plot expansion of Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077. Together with a paid addition, a massive update was released for the game that changed and improved many game systems. A month after the update and launch of DLC, it can already be stated that they exactly pleased the players, but the developers themselves may have serious problems because of this.

The fact is that the shares of CD Projekt Red continue to fall rapidly. Before the Cyberpunk 2077 additions: Phantom Liberty and at the time of its release, the Exchange evaluated the studio as one of the most promising investments, but now their opinion has clearly changed. To date, prices for their shares have decreased by 31% in just one month.

According to analysts, the fall in the cost of shares of CD Projekt Red is associated with the negative moods of investors. Shares holders believe that developers "We spent a huge budget" only for rehabilitation of the failure of the Cyberpunk 2077. Despite excellent user reviews and a record number of active players, investors expect serious losses for the whole company. In addition, they are worried about the fate of the announced trilogy "Witcher" and sequel Cyberpunk 2077. Probably, the release of these projects will have to wait a few more years, which does not add confidence in future income.

According to analysts, the studio shares will continue to fall. If now they are estimated at 104 zlotys per unit, then soon their price may drop to 70-80 zlotys.

Well, yes, the classic of the exchange. Promotions are growing on the expectations of something, in the eve, and when the event has already happened, there is nothing more to wait and the investors are dumped, only anals and blockers are trying to find some reasons for the collapse and there are guesses and theories.

It is clear that the owners of the shares were waiting for the release of the DLC to get rid of them at the maximum cost and all at once began to smash them from which the price is down and flew due to a large offer, because the next information farmer is not known when it would be, they have no games for exactly 2 years It is not expected to keep the meaning of the action.

well, you can pick up at the bottom, with the news about the witcher, the promotions will begin to recover quietly

It depends on how now they are sold, if with a creak, many species may not return later, but they are dispersed and dispersed, the point is to buy that it will not be possible to promptly sell.

The bubble was inflated – the bubble burst. Who is in the subject – he got up. Classic. From the time of tulip fever, nothing is changing.

The cost of shares of a gaming company is such a muddy and multifaceted business that even trying to at least somehow tie the quality of games to the price of securities is a very ungrateful thing. Therefore, to hope that the fall in the value of the shares will force developers to improve the quality of products is even more hopeless. Unfortunately, business and quality went different roads – business towards marketing and advertising (the main thing is to sell advertising, and the products will be bought by inertia), and the quality is towards Indie studios (which are interested in creating a name (then they also often begin to put on quality) or at all.

Investors’ fears are an absolutely normal reaction, when only the release of the first major update brought the game to a representative state. With this approach to the production of games, not to have fears – that would be strange.

So the addition of the steep turned out

Well, yes, large players are just fixed on the shares market. Now you need to wait when the promotions fall a little more and buy. Well, sell a new witcher at the output

Oh, the new witcher is not soon. How do I want to see this 😱

Actually, due to the fault of these investors, the release crooked came out and are still to blame)

Well, of course, investors are to blame. They poured dough which would be enough for 5 wild hunts, and waited 8 years of development, and even agreed to 3 (three) transfer. Here are these investors.

Not only investors are to blame, but with their persistent presentation the game dug into the release, although they knew very well that the game was not ready yet, but they longed for a big income, especially against the background of an unprecedented advertising company and the pressure of the financial year, and then they were still in court for developers They filed a lot more Cheggo … This is in three words, if you do not know the information, there is from different sources and from developments, too, which confirms.

Well, plusikov there is also different number

Trying to understand the validity of plusiks is worse than to figure out which of these 2 rights.. repulsed okshniks are not amenable to logic

Would not drag the policy of games, would be in the profit. They themselves are to blame, because the Poles will always remain Poles, with the rare exception.

Not surprising – the studio spent about 150 million and 2.5 years after the release of the game for finishing and one DLS. At the same time, the game does not have a multiplayer, and the technical condition is still far from the ideal. Players can be and satisfied after the release of Phantom Liberty, but investors, as a rule, who can look deeper and count, this did not convince the Poles’s ability to satisfy with such large projects.

Fuck there a multiplayer? Neither the KP nor the Witcher is not at all in the subject.
And the DLC is gorgeous. KA level "Blood and wine"

You are an expense or something? To the witcher with his dopes of this rotten craft as to the moon on foot

Quite worthy of the DLS, where such a negative ? People got bored that you are selling

In general, this is not an indicator absolutely nothing, this is a normal phenomenon when releasing a new product. In a few months, the situation should stabilize

And for us, players, the butt is that in order to lick and please investors, the company’s management will begin to create game, if only to large bosses of denyuzhka flowed, which will ultimately affect the quality of manufactured products. In principle, with KP2077 it happened because. The deadlines were settled, the investors E*Ali the entire leading top, and those in turn, a lot of their noses directly to the development of the game. And we got what we received – a piece of Krivoy Gyovna, which was not all in the platforms, which only after 3 years brought into a more or less divine view. Players are delighted with refinement and the DLC, and investors again with dissatisfied faces, because while the progates tried to correct mistakes, and these uncles again incur losses and, in their opinion, had to be scored immediately after the release.

Like everyone, probably, the prudes mean after they were planted by wealth. Big money is just starting to spin, everything, creativity goes into the background, and developers from creators turn into slaves who run away immediately after the release of a new game.

gloomy picture, but very similar to the truth. The hand does not rise to put a plus, although I also think so

And what actually the fault of people invested their money in the game and will receive those who want to arrive from this? Such raids can then be presented to absolutely any bank and credit system in particular. If the developer give as for as much time as he needs, it will turn out Star Citizen =)

So you can make morality out of this that that the pursuit of fast and easy profits can lead to a decrease or absence of such. Like a long sitting of a comfortable niche and the desire to get everything from it.

It was necessary to follow the plan and do, and not engage in dismissal, perestroika, etc.

And yes, creativity is literally about three posts, the rest do what they said.

Addition full g

The whole game is such that you can do?

What are you carrying? Great DLS, no worse than those in the witcher 3.

Nope, addition of the Topchik👌 I passed twice to see two endings!

In early October I read about "collapse of shares". MDE. Well, at least the author actualized the percentage of the fall, otherwise just sad bed from such "fresh" News.

On October 7, it sounded like this:

CD Projekt Red shares fell by 27% a week and a half after the release of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Give Gwint offline?!

Everyone is waiting for a witcher of a new or a remake of the old)

Exchange speculations do their job.

brilliant game, bought an addition for 500 hryvnias and do not regret.

You can’t argue here. The game is stupidly top, the outfits tried and corrected all the critical jambs to the DLC exit. I bought more on the release and passed, but now I will go through and as if a new game.

Dirty speculators don’t like something there.

There will be no large games from them for several years, and the shares are falling, because the income will fall.

Just investors suck.

These are speculators, but investors I think for a long time purchased at the bottom and will sell a little with the release of a new witcher

And what kind of announced trilogy witcher? It seems that only a fourth was promised.

Witcher 4, another game in the Witcher’s universe, and the remake of the first witcher on UE5.

Well, the new witcher is not 4 for the history of Geralt is over. Nyap will be a new story with a new gg. which in 3 parts want

This information has already been here here!

Renewal is not planned not surprising that "bulls" got down to business, and then already "the Bears" Aroused.

they were guessed of course with Siberpuk. It was necessary to do the witcher 4 in parallel and the remake of the first part then the grandmother would be.

There would be a good life buoy. Apparently, they threw more effort on a failure cyberpunk, and the rest was enough only for the announcement

Still, the prices for games have collapsed.

There is always a green store😁 🏴 Alexander

The addition was strange, Cyberpank is the game of the year 10z10 and the shares are falling

Apparently one of the reasons.

You messed up everything, cyberpuk-huh*Ita of the year 🙂 Yes, and this was not a shit in 2023, so it definitely cannot be the game of the year, that the Poles were dripping their craft to the working condition for 3 years is another question XD

High online than some recent blockbusters. Sales probably go slowly. Witcher 3 still mine.New Ira is announced. The same high interest in them as one of the prayed icons of Igor industry.

Even lucky Poles with Cyberpan. Maybe it? That the game/update is not the output — So the financial trouble is right away. It would be better if they made a witcher and developed a witch topic. Although I understand them in terms of the desire of experiments and in order not to put all the eggs in one basket, but they are burned too much. So they can be lost, which will be very sorry. ((

Until a full announcement of new games with teasers, you can buy stocks, after the announcement it will be too late, prices will crawl up. To know when they want to teaser something new

In short, they hoped for the success of the company, but it did not work out very. Plus there are no releases, the second DLC will not be like a grandmother to do? Wait another five years? No thanks, we sell shares.

Studio "at a time". They did not pull. They took it somehow taken out, the half of the studio was dispersed and crap with CP2077)

But the phantom addition itself turned out to be worthy and very optimized, unlike the initial start of the original☝️

Yeah. AOT only in the pacific itself where new locations were introduced sometimes sags of FPS. And also such an optimized. already a new side quest breaks down (new life, old rake). How many Lizunov is these Pole. They pay you there or how? Game a piece of crooked code after almost 3 years. The old bugs have not yet been repaired, but with the release of Patch 2.0 brought new ones. But there are always people who see nothing and praise the game.

In 80 hours there was not one bug. I can make a big vidos. That’s what kind of people went? They will get buckets, and then they complain that they have a crooked game.

The norm is so a bucket. i9 12900KF, 32 GB of RAM DDR5 and RTX 3080 Ti. If I bought it for myself 4090, then everything that is already below is already a bucket? And bugs are in no way connected with the computer. Here are the brakes yes, the weaker the computer – the higher the brakes. And there were bugs, eat and will always be. The game is almost 3 years and there are still old bugs in it, and Patch 2.0 imported and new. Departures, blown up police cars, animation problems also noticed. Listened, everything that gets on the Internet, then there remains there. Drive into YouTube Cyberpank Bagi and do the latest loading. Additional. The new quest managed to break. Do you want me to even start this cyberbag again for you and make at least videos or screenshots with every bug. There will be enough material. You probably played the perfect cyberbag on the release, oh sorry, cyberpunk

Then make a pruf video. And I will do it too. And I will show that there are no bugs there. But at the start of Cyberpank, he was still that amused g.

How much does it cost now, interesting. I am sure – cheaper than pre -order was.

New patch new bugs, ATP

They just to cut the dough and the players do not care on the release, let them be corrected later, but cheaper

People, they put their grandmas there for this and invested."Business" called.

Great news, we are waiting for them to completely go bankrupt and close the nah*! And in the industry it will become one rotten, Russophobic, tolerant LGBT Office (you yourself know who) is less!

it would be better if you were covered by bots!

Despite politics, the quality of the game itself deservedly. I am for the fact that the inconspes have received a lesson – not to release pieces of code instead of games, otherwise it came to the general release of waste.

And the VSM? DLS is cool!

But I didn’t try to read the news?

This is karma. For the fact that the voice acting on English was not made for DLS

It’s great that prices have fallen! I am very happy for them.

Otherwise in our stores they only rise. Sugar cost 59 rubles now already 69 rubles!

But this is already strange.

yes nifiga did not grunt

The new area and DLC is certainly cool

And the whole Gampleei was fucking to change

got it already, not the 1st time patch spoils everything

could improve the police, but add new items, but not touch the rest

Promotions are shot down by the price so that by 4 witches could buy them in cheap, from which they will take off, and sell with margin on the release and then they will fall again.

With you was a financial analyst of the Portal playground

Yes, do not care. The game is prohibited. The English language is prohibited. Let them be as bad as we do.

"Us"? Do not generalize, not to us, but you. We are good

This is where it is prohibited? I have downloaded and playing and playing a torrent without problems, everything is in English

"That they do not do, do not deal, it is clear that on Monday their mother gave birth to their mother. "(c) for neh.. release raw games, having previously crucified them to heaven and close the sales of games to whole countries.

So many minor morons in the comments, the site is time to introduce registration on the passport, otherwise you can swell only because of the only one reading of this verbal diarrhea. It seems that people do not write them, but the Kremlinboat.

Everything cannot be so bad. After all, it cannot, yes?

Yes, don’t be shaking like that, there, Barlamov’s new video probably got out, go look

So you are the dates of the register register look at all more than 18 already on the extreme

Then even sadder than I thought (

This is from a gum? I don’t look like that)

The reason for shaking? Stronghold of soy puppets on a blue resource.

No wonder of course. These Poles from the RED project have not learned how to make normal games. At first they released an unfinished cyberpunk, then for two years it was finished. Now another addition has been released, again the worthless probably. Here the investors fanted that it was useless to bury money in these developers of money.

I won’t be surprised if the whole studio will be closed soon soon. What should they do there if they cannot make the game normally. Better all the money of investors will return and disperse who where. In the gaming industry, I don’t think anymore!

Here is the key . The person did not play =) but the opinion has from where why ?

It seems that a person did not play on the release . But I had an opinion .

Why the Internet was handed out to everyone .

failure of decades) minus, but the constellation looks much better. )) Purely technically. I’ll be silent about the rest while the rest is.

Lal you probably can’t even start all the lotions of Cyberpan . Which technically what is pure =)

You may have expected something from Starfield, but people who knew well other arbors understood that it would be approximately. Briefly: first the gazebo created the Tes universe. After Tes 4, Oblivion came out the phallout 3. He was called Oblivion with guns. Then Skyrim came out and Folych 4 came out after Skyrim. Folych 4 called Skyrim with guns. Starfield is already Folych in space. But the main trouble was always. You go somewhere into the building and everyone always reacted to you, stared at you and commented on something. But the technical condition of Cyberpan is much worse than Starfield. Patch 2.0 brought new bugs and this is a fact. Before Patch 2.0 The game went more stable and with fewer bugs. And on the release of Cyberpunk was still in terrible condition, especially on consoles. On consoles, the game from sales was withdrawn. It is a fact. You take and drive on YouTube: Cyberpunk Bagi. Even now, you will find fresh videos with different bugs the game and brought to mind in technical terms. Therefore, failure! Almost 3 years (in December will be 3 years), and the game suffers in technical terms. And do not forget what they showed and promised a little one, but another came out. Cut out content, promised in the future a lot of things, a lot of additions, even some kind of network regime. Bottom line: the only addition was the last, bugs and even lags (in the pacific there is often FPS is not enough). For 3 years. I don’t know, you probably paid you and you are ready to lick. Nobody paid me anything and I say as a person who made a pre -order of Cyberpan and played it several times (on the release, a year later, then a year later, and with the release of Patch 2.0 and DLC).

lies pure lie))) I played 30 hours for 1.0 and 50 hours for 2.0 without RTX

Bagov and even more so criticized there was no . Yes it was not GTA, but it was played normally .

Now it is played better than GTA and the Witcher and the Skamfield .

Maybe you can find slices better like normal boys play cyberpunk 2.0? With all features ? And you will see both the count and physics. Why should I rub game from the news ? Everyone knows about consoles . I played on a computer no bugs . The fact that somewhere the non -cord is stuck is not a bug . In Starfield, all NPS is a bug. Basic and secondary. Children’s clock is taken from somewhere in people with Corei3 3 generations 4 gigs of the RAM and Vidyakh GTX650.

Look an example now there is a beta The Finals, I played with the boys yesterday for 3 hours . The toy is just a top fierce . I read the comments there as if not really happy . I suspect that it lags UE5 schoolchildren . I did 10 frags . Not a single lag bug . The whole card breaks to zero.

The moral of the shkolota stupidly gives them to give an endless summer . And good games like cyberpan and The Finals need to be blocked . Although I play both games under 300k people and positive assessments .

Nooo there the bugs of the metro cut out uuu and maybe there were still plans, but they were all cut out by Pshki. And also lags on my bucket =)

Here is such an analytics .I yelled at the video with the gapfield bugs for 5 minutes . For there is one bug .And Cyber ​​well DLC is definitely . If for a good 2 games of the year . Baldura and Cyber

and Starfield as was 6 points remain

Lie? Drive into YouTube Cyberpunk Bagi. NPSs go as if ignoring the obstacles, cars sometimes stood in textures, your car when calling often shied away in textures and came already in the trash dead, some trash and even the loot could not be chosen.something prevented him from lifting him. You can also see the topic: quest salvation in Westbrook (japan-town). There is such a topic right on the PG, it was not even 1 she. I received this bug at the first passage and the only time. How ironic, but with the release of the Liberty phantom the same bug (closed doors), and the amusement of irony "new life old rake". Old bugs – old rake. And the game was withdrawn with the consoles that the game is so a masterpiece and the game would be sold in a week of 1 billion copies and decided to withdraw sales, otherwise the keys to everyone would not be enough. Although what keys. The perfect product can not be said otherwise. I also forgot to remind you that a bug remained for a very long time (now I don’t know if it is not), but Judy’s quest has a quest. When he calls to swim around her environs underwater, then there was a bug over the church sometimes through the church. Judy somewhere under the textures of the felts flew away and that’s it, the current is new to swim. The bug depended on that. How you swim. And how to understand where it is normal to swim normally not always lucky. A year after the release, this bug was definitely, and then I won’t say it, especially now. But I am lying, the game was perfect on the release. And the Internet remembers everything. Everything that got on the Internet, then there remains forever. And I had a computer for 2020 garbage. some i7 8700k, 32 GB Ozub RTX 2080Ti. And now: I9 12900KF, 32GB of RAM DDR 5, RTX 3080Ti. Yes, I understand that not a top -end PC already, but still in the highest segment so to speak, above average.

I have to believe ? In this nonsense ? and a set of news reasons? You even remember the names of the missions where the bugs were . Very strange. For some reason, I played on the release for 30 hours and I don’t remember criticism of bugs . Despite the fact that the type of See Load decides Baby Bugs in all games . But no need to remember nonsense for some reason . Like did not call the person . Yes roll back and call . In short, I understood who heites the norms of products . Where you find you do not know =) and as usual they have the most powerful consoles . Computers charged . And lags that not to take a break =) the fairy tale fairy tale and again fairy tales

Silence PS4 lag . Xbox One lagalo . It was played on new ones. On the computer, the game also took place . Why lie and remember fakes ? By the type of metro ?

DLC and awesome story . A bunch of fits . Top videos . New ending . Hello

Lags . Yes, damn it because the graphs are better than in the dogtown in any game . And drawdowns are possible . It is stupid to think that it is possible to maintain one FPS in Loka where there is nothing and the local where the whole city is drawn to the horizon. But no dodic see bugs . They see what cut it out =) and the fact that the game top is nope =) we love Braval Stars

Someone downloaded and played for 2 hours – then refunded, someone played a demo and enough 30 minutes to get out of this "Good" game. And I was enough to look at 5 minutes a few gameplay overheads on the yutub to understand that it was a slag

That’s the problem, I also looked at Stream for an hour, and I realized that the shit, but I decided to run myself, and was very pleasantly surprised, especially the plot DLC

I wrote nonsense

What a demo ? Cyberpank??

or you copy the bot and comments to any triple AAA PROKEK?

You are a generation of lololshki that thinks that the game is good if you are very interesting to watch how other people play in the videos . Okay we understand you are a special boy

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