“Lie to the end”: CDPR was accused of “rewriting the history” of Cyberpunk 2077

Forbes journalist Paul Tassi commented on an interview with the top manager of the CD Projekt Red Red Site Gamesindustry. Columnist did not agree with the words of Miakhal Platkov-Gilevsky that at some point Cyberpunk 2077 It has become fashionable to criticize.

“I disagree that it has become fashionable to criticize the game. It was one of the worst console releases that I saw in my life. Even when Cyberpunk 2077 worked normally, there were no opportunities in it that everyone was counting on, ” – Paul Tassi.

Tassi believes that the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 have not yet recognized the deplorable technical condition of the game on the release, and did not apologize for it. “In fact, they lied about the quality of the game until the release, claiming that on the consoles it works“ surprisingly good ”,” added Tassi.

“In the past few years, I have been an enthusiast Cyberpunk and told many people that you can now play, and the action has become much better than on the release. However, the words of the developers are a pure rewriting of history “.

The only plot addition Phantom Liberty will be released on September 26, 2023. DLC will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Because the CDPR has been spent years old on advertising the game more than the game itself.

What is the point of apology? You just need to look at the quality of future projects. By the way with the update The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CDPR screwed again (but at least free).

And the best weapons of buyers are not to buy games with poor optimization. Better yet – buy and make a refund. So more intelligible for developers and publishers. In the meantime, they will buy and play in unptimitized excrement, constantly paying a loan for the next video card – no one will move much and will not be.

Shops will not give. Here is a steam sometimes scolds too many returns. And what to do if "Demts" No? And whether you take and there and there the cat is in the bag. See and read reviews, they are not quoted here, t.To. The tastes are different for everyone. And who knows, it can be this project will come in to you, and it is with your developer that PC configurations were bought. De and time to return is limited, and sometimes it happens that in one menu to spend it (limit on a return).

Perhaps you are right, I just preterminate the games and buy on the release quite rarely.

Regarding the configuration – on YouTube is full of videos with tests on different configurations. I myself even wrote down before.

I do not agree. I think the update of the witcher 3 is gorgeous. Problemn in it only RTX technology. But if they do not cut them, then it is an aphigenic large -scale free update. It is a sin to complain about minor problems that most players do not even concern.

Games should not work well on computers that are built on iron 10 years ago. And games are not required to work well in permits higher than 1080p (1920×1080). It is time to understand this and stop whining about poor optimization. For poor optimization is usually treated very simply. In one case, throw your 4K monitor and return to 1080p. And in another case, you are not trying to play computers with 10 summer iron. At least once every 3-5 years, iron needs to be updated.

I’m not catching up with it at all – they used to release full -fledged demo, sorry for the pun – that is, a stub of a release version. And now 90% of the games costs a gypsy-chantage phantom for 2 hours, and those games that have demo, and the masses under the “demo” mean a piece of not an release version or even early access, but an unfinished beta, in which, according to the promises of the developers themselves , everything can change 33 times

EI, games should work normally on the iron specified in the system requirements. And 1PO, as they are not obliged to work well on high resolutions … Bruch from Bruch, this is how much it is necessary to bring down from a sore head to a healthy one

Complex freaks. Until these noodles are hung on the ears. Not to shout .

The only thing I want to answer CDPR:

“In fact, they lied about the quality of the game until the release, claiming that on the consoles it works“ surprisingly good ”,” added Tassi.

That is, in the opinion of this person, the PC game was in good condition? I still laugh when I remember my passage of the game on the day of the release. People moving in a pose T, not loaded textures that take off up oncoming cars on the tracks, a naked main character in a motorcycle and inventory, for some reason his own car came completely destroyed, at the end when you get to the network and you need to make a final choice, mine V who was a man, for some reason was dressed in women’s clothes and in a male at the same time, a baguishaled stealth, because of which sometimes you simply suddenly noticed everyone on locations at the same time, unexpected deaths from the destructive garbage bags due to skill that removes the fall, but The most rational was when you choose nomads for the assault on the headquarters of the Arasaki apartment or what is it there, there the type in my opinion fall on the network to agree with the Baba AI, but you get out and go to chat, my character stood in front of everyone and I looked down, I saw that it is completely naked, damn it just like a horse,I recalled the moment from my very terrible movie 4, when Leslie Nielson stood in front of everyone naked, Damn I photographed everything and took a picture and as the last fool for some reason deleted everything after passing, I still regret it, from the fact that I saw it calmly, I could calmly be possible -10 Minute Muvik to do with the bugs that I met in the course of the game. Of course, my computer was not a powerful mega, but i7 8700k, RTX 2070, 16 GB RAM is clearly not office, so I’ll say in advance, there were no excuses and there were no excuses, as well as developers.

This mediocre and crooked fianum should recall the port of Saints Row 2 on PC. Yes, yes, it was CDRP that were responsible for what kind of disgusting port on PC. That the KP77 is released, then after the release I don’t really want to play, boring and not interesting.

In general, I do not support such garbage with poor optimization, but at least once the console players felt what PC players to optimize the games of which are put very, very often.

Yes, you did not understand, they just study from senior comrades. So to speak adopting the experience of a star. Recently, the cat stated that everything was excellent in Metelitsa, and there were no oppression and households, all these unions were thought of all sorts. This is all from the same opera.

The funny thing is that the fanatics in the comments are engaged in a similar star.

It became. But precisely because it was for what.

I played PC and of course there were a lot of bugs in the beginning. But personally, this did not really annoy me, but the story itself is in the game and I didn’t like too much droche

Yes, as if so far, CDPR has not corrected many things that stupidly annoying when playing. On patches 1.63 still have problems with sound, light, physics and other jokes (in the task of saving the cheetah from tiger claws, my nomads left before the cheetah got into their car, and therefore he was like Crazy Frog for a while ).

As the developers ordered, so they are – the developers will not lie 🗿

All bloggers together for the third year by all their might have forced this slag, and even in the last week this is the twentieth post on different game resources about cyberpunk, which comes across my eyes. This means that Kichinski and Ko broke off with the repair of their curvature of the support and switched to attempts to belief that Cyberpank was not so bad. But the developers will not reach the gentlemen that they only increase the game literacy of gamers, forcing them to think, to find out, evaluate and compare them. The SDPR did not work on the game, openly lied to customers, and are surprised that people express frankly negative opinions about the game that does not change years and go to other projects after 20-50 hours. In addition, entire countries were blocked using the game for propaganda.

It’s time to bury this slag for a long time and hide it deeper into the annals of history "The most failure games of decades". Nothing will come of high quality from the SDPR.

And in Garena or Pubg Mobile, a billion downloads and hundreds of thousands of players have many years in a row. And what, games from this became good?

As for Show me a couple more games with such an online after 2-3 years- Valheim, Dont Starve Together, RimWorld, Cits Skylines, Project Zomboid, Deep Rock Galactic, Eurotrack Simulator, RDR2, Stardew Valley and also a lot of games are more terrible than the Cyberpanus and much more popular on online at the same time. But almost all of them are generally indie.