The reelnate Trailer Resident Evil Village is presented to go to the iPhone and iPad

Resident Evil Village from Capcom, published in 2021, is now officially available at the Apple Apple Apple Appendix store: iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and any iPad models with M1 and M2 chipsets and M2. For players who do not want to pay the full cost of the game Resident Evil Village, the Apple App Store has a special promotion until November 20.

The authors even presented a release trailer, but with a slight delay – the game was available to everyone in the morning.

For those who are interested, no changes in the game for iPhone and iPad are compared to PC and consoles. The game has a built -in Apple MetalFX technology to improve the image quality, which allows you to achieve even higher performance depending on your preferences.

Played now on the iPad Pro 12.9, M1 processor, put the settings on the maximum, the graphics are good, but playing with touch buttons on such a large screen is very inconvenient.

We need to rejoice that Apple has all this muddied. Android will not be away over time either, you see someday half of the new products on smartphones, is it bad?

Agree. And about the sensory buttons, it was not for nothing that Apple brought support for console controllers. So the problem is solved.

Thank you, but for whom they did it? Fans went along and across all platforms where it was available on the release.
Yes, and play with the sensory control is that particular high, with mediocre graphics, and you can’t hold a hot phone in your hands for a long time.
PS: at 0:33 FPS strive to 0 when shot in a werewolf, finally do not care)
The owners of such gaming devices as a smartphone have long passed in classics, on YouTube)

What does it mean for whom? For those who have a new phone and he did not play this part. Why not go through it, if there is such an opportunity? Just a pleasant bonus for the owners of the new iPhone, Mac, iPad.

Yeah, this one "opportunity" Made quite inconvenient. In principle, I did not expect another. Fortunately, I didn’t buy an iPhone 15, but my friend, who decided for once, try to play in RE Village on his iPhone, convincing me that the time of computers has passed and now these games can be safely played on phones. Bottom line – after half an hour, he left the game and I showed him how easily it is played on my computer. He silently removed Re Village from his iPhone and installed on his computer, and with pleasure went through the game in 9 hours, ahead of my past passage for an hour. Moreover, the inconvenience is also that they can call and write a person to the phone, and I do not envy those people who will receive calls and messages in battle with Gaisenberg and Minerva, I no longer envy this in Benevento’s house, where concentration and need for the quite a suitable supercharging atmosphere. A day later, we learned that our common acquaintance was just in this place – in the Benevento’s house – when he played on the iPhone – on a light, of course, the level began to write "How are you" And "Buy bread", Then the girl "Why are you silent for three hours" – And this happened when a big noodle ran after Itan and then it was necessary to carefully look at the mannequins. In general, the result is the same – he demolished to hell and finished it on my computer, passing from the beginning. According to him – it is better to let the phone lies on the side, saw – the message came, and the feeling of loss of the atmosphere is much less than when playing on the iPhone. There are games that are created for the phone and they are quite playable, but re Village is very controversial. Maybe people get used to playing like that, but my computer is cheaper than this iPhone and on my computer it is much more playable

And what else "Bonus"? It is not heard for free, of course it is not a lot, but this is not a bonus – this is a lure. Again, looking at the price of an iPhone, I doubt that these people cannot afford a console or computer, or even all at once

Such deilism is kanesh. To play the game on the phone, you must first buy a phone for 150+rubles and "enjoy"! For the same money, you can collect a good PC with 2k Monica and play with an excellent count and comfortably, or take the laptop. EPL no longer knows which side to show its pseudo exclusivity.

As far as I heard, 20% of the battery leaves in an hour. This is quite good.

Wow, he heard. Pruf where?

The reviewer with Kotaku said that he played for 3 hours and there were 20 percent of the charge on the small iPhone 15 Pro on the battery

For those who are interested, no changes in the game for iPhone and iPad are compared to PC and consoles.

Yesterday they already saw the video of Gamley, really there is no, the level of the 2010 level is approximately.

I doubt that the graphics will be like a PC, well, it cannot be like that.

2 hours you play, then you charge phahaah degeneration

I would beat these carriers with my feet.

Well, many games are transferred with a PC, and there is enough movement on the mobiles – that’s what it prevented from transferring or making normal control .This is tin with half-screen buttons