Cooperative horror-game for survival Pranormal Hunter will be released at the PC in early Steam access on May 22

The Indie-IGR Developer company from Tokyo (Japan) Ealogames announced that their cooperative horror game for survival “Pranormal Hunter”, inspired by Japanese folklore and horror films, enters the PC in the early access of Steam on May 22, 2023. Versions for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will appear along with the release of PC 1.0 at the end of the year. She will offer support in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, English and simplified Chinese.

Step into the ominous kingdom of paranormal phenomena in an insidious environment, embodied in life with the help of immersion support of virtual reality. Explore terrifying locations alone or together with four friends in an online mode, conducting chilling investigations. Search each stage in search of key objects and tips before completing the ritual of exile, capable of destroying evil ghosts that roam each location, while a frightening presence pursues a group with murderous intentions.

Equip the investigation tools to detect otherworldly riots and be on the alert so as not to miss what happens at night. Feel the difference between creaking floors and ghostly moans, opening the doors and moving deeper into scattered media.

Blick with flashlights that repel spirits to repulse unwanted creatures, set the sensors of the ghosts and coordinate your actions with colleagues-researchers to collect damned objects and earn extra money between missions.

Compete with time to conduct exile rituals before evil spirits capture the party. The only unsuccessful meeting with a ghostly pursuer plunges people into a crippling stupor, damaging their minds and threatening to send them to the grave.

Quickly revive partners in the cooperative from death from fear and be careful during investigations to increase the chances of survival. Enjoy the tense and terrifying hunting for ghosts with a cross game for both VR devices and for keyboard / gamepad users, allowing everyone to strain their nerves and become a hunter for paranormal phenomena.