The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which weighs more than 250 GB began to appear on torrents

At the end of last year, a hacking of developers from the studio of Insomniac Games occurred, as a result of which the largest leakage of data on future projects occurred. Among the data published by hackers was a fully playable PC version of the popular superhero action Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Almost a month after that, the enthusiasts managed to form a really working book of the game for PC and publish it into public access, but its total size is slightly scared.

It is reported that the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which was compiled in the working build by enthusiasts, began to appear on the largest sites. Users had to analyze more data in data to find all the necessary components for the game, and as a result, they got an assembly weighing more than 250 GB.

Such a huge size of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PC version is due to the fact that a huge number of original aseses and textures that did not go through the compression procedure got into the build. According to the players, the build as a whole works well for medium -level PCs, but now it requires an extremely powerful processor and very fast SSD to avoid loading.

Meanwhile, the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PC officially remains unknown. The project was not even announced for this platform, but taking into account the leak, this can happen soon.

No thanks, I had enough amusing stalker and atomics. Pumping another 250 gigob of an inhabited unfinished game is a dubious pleasure.

But what about the habit?

Here at least money does not require money for this, not that on the release.

This is perfectly optimized

Atomics build is terribly optimized. But there was no rejoice.

The merged DEV version means

I certainly will not download it, as probably the official port. But the precedent itself is quite interesting

And all because now they do not let out demo versions of games.

0000 – Until 2022 we download ready -made games, from 2023 – 2024 – swing builds

They will also release Rossomachu before it appears on PS5

not to murals, but a test build of a piece of a game for testing a mechanic) has nothing to do with the finished game

But what about the demo version of games in the 2000s?

Quiet sp..DIL and left-call found!

Download for the sake of interest) to see how it differs from the one on PS 5 and delete

If you played this game on PS5, then to satisfy your curiosity, you can download and play PC. You can just compare both versions and make a whole post on the PG)

So this is the same version, as I understand it, not some kind of merged port on a PC, but the same thing that was on PS5, therefore, except for bugs, it will not differ)

No, I don’t have PS5, so I thought I can download it, I can download it, suddenly a working version)

More carefully someone can put the virus there the game, then everyone is on the ear, and then an unofficial port appeared on a PC

So you are simply not in the subject, because of the hacking of the Build company, you received a long time and for some time saw it for a PC, there are a lot of video on YouTube, where they already played with a PC in the version where textures laged

So it does not bother anyone to put Trojan into this build or what is worse

Why is the second DLC to the first part weighs more than the original and the first DLC combined.

You see optimize the game about Peter in the park and fan can withdraw the finished product for implementation)

So, well, purely for the sake of curiosity, you can try, but I still wait for an official exit)

Well, the bugs there will be clearly above the roof, it is better to calmly wait for a full release.

And get a slightly less raw product for the Over dofig money?

All Sonya eczes calmly broke on the release, it seems.

The first spider came out quite stable, unlike the horizon of zero Down.

Half of them were raw pieces of code. Here the joke is that this version of the second spider, blinded by pirates, is unlikely to be worse than the release version of Lastuha on PC. such a sore cap

Kapets, heavy today

And I also got the first part)

It would be better if Bloodborne made a PC. Why Torty forces on Spider-Man 2 If this is a film who can be seen at YouTube.

Well, I will say one thing that spider-man fans probably a thousand times more than the next copy of Dark Souls. Not to say that the game Bloodborne is bad, it is just not so popular. Spider-Man has the number of fans more for sure, and it is more likely to earn. When Spider-Man begins to fade, then you have to wait for something else.

She has not faded from the 60s, this is an eternal hero

I’m wondering why people want Bloodborn so? No, the fact that he, like other eczes, must be ported questions, but where does such a desire is about him? I played it on my ps4 when I took Ps plus by subscription and. Honestly, I don’t understand what he is so desirable. On the PC there is Dark Souls, Sekiro, Elden Ring and they are much better than Bloodborn in my opinion. That I did not understand in Bladborne, from which saliva is so drooling on him?

Although I am not a fan of Souls Like games, I tried Sekiro. I really liked the game in the atmosphere and visual. Before that, I remember how Itpdia licked Bloodborne, and then, when Sony began to portle his eczes, everyone immediately rushed to ask for Bloodborne. Xs what is there. So also 30 fps and downloads were wild there. Before the patch there was a checkpoint for up to 15 minutes to mine)) and this is in the game where you doh on the cd on one boss)

Everything is simple, Bloodborne has its own atmosphere, its own style of play, it is even something better than a series of darks in the visual, which costs the physicist of raincoats and blood on the main character. And the world? Where do not look beauty, you can do screenshots. The plot is weak, well, as well as in a series of Darkov. There is elected, here is another hunter. As for the downloads, well, such a pickup, if you liked the game, does not pay attention to it. I, if not a fan, decided to play the original Demons Souls on PS3, and I will also say there are not 10 second loads there, I have time to make coffee, go to the toilet, but nothing, personally, I personally did not like Demons Souls, but playing, but playing, but playing, but I went through the game 6 times, here I pass it again 7 times, and I liked it more than the trilogy of dark. Atmosphere, and what is the nonsense. That’s the same and Bloodborne itself, Kueva has passed a cloud once, and still pass. I will not say that it doesn’t bother, but when I return to it already a tear, buying from music, visual, the sound of the environment, voices. I almost all the time ask myself why they did not decide to add blood to Dark Souls 3 on the main character, it is beautiful, otherwise we kill the creatures and there is no blood on the main character, as if there was some kind of barrier on it.

250GB not optimized code, not thank you better than Batman Arkham I will beat 🙂

I read comments, mainly "I will not download, I will not put" and t.D. Like weighs a lot. It feels like most sit on the railway with 500GB-1TB and all and everyone has a maximum of 100 Mbit.

Even 100 Mbps is enough to download. During the night I downloaded about 70% + before lunch, so the torrent came out completely.

The very fact is that it is non -playful)

That’s what, but this is not for nothing, the game for Western children

Here are the times, you have to try

I looked at ours – three large torrent tracrases, while there is no (

Because no one is going to check 250 GB of encrypted garbage for viruses. If there is no source proven with the hash, the virus is automatically, even without checking and tests. Otherwise buy a separate PC for the decoding of each baitka to find out the contents of the files))

Then a feeling when amateurs in their free time do work faster than a full -fledged team of developers with a huge budget.

It is clear that amateurs will not bring to the ideal as incidents, but this is an indicator of how much money does not understand what, apparently stupidly laundered grandmas, and then release a all -trip port and call it an optimized version for PC.

They in the minimum system requirements of the TLOU 2 for FullHD 30 FPS indicated the map 1080, and this card is the level of the one that is in the curling iron 🤦🤦🤦

It feels like incidents intentionally spoil optimization to show "See which PCs are weak, unlike our pine", But the mum is not blind, we can look at some kind of Alan Wake 2 or Cyberpunk and see a huge difference

It is clear that amateurs will not bring to the ideal as incidents, but this is an indicator of how much money does not understand what, apparently stupidly laundered grandmas, and then release a all -trip port and call it an optimized version for PC.

Fans did nothing, they fell into their hands what the expanses worked with, what the modders made there then? torrent link?) some mechanics or graphics have corrected? no.