Mass Effect fans argue whether Shepard should return to the next game

Recently, the fans of Mass Effect have not been up to fun. The last game that we received was Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017, which many in the community consider the lower point in the series. Since then, the news about the potential release date of Mass Effect 5 has been scarce, and the only thing we can count on is the poster and confirmation of the inclusion of the Liara.

However, the presence of Liara in the game suggests that it can be associated with the original trilogy more than with Andromeda, and fans discuss whether Bioware should be even more tossing to turn the past and return Captain Shepard. This question was asked fans of Mass Effect on Resetera, and the opinions were surprisingly diverse, since many gave their arguments in favor of why Shepard should and should not return.

One opinion is that the series "Must survive Shepard" And that he should not return. And it is better that BioWare directs all its efforts to create a new hero and team. And some would prefer BioWare to make a maximum "Thin references", When others would prefer to "there were no direct connections at all".

On the other hand, many would like to see Shepard’s return, although most would prefer him not to be a playable character. For example, to make Shepard "The equivalent of Anderson", When others "would not have against new adventures with Shepard". The other suggested that Shepard could appear in the game just as Hawk appears in Dragon Age: Inqusition.

There are those who do not care about Shepard at all and want other characters from the original Mass Effect to return instead of him. We already have Liara, but many want to return Garrus, despite how many years have passed after Mass Effect 3. In the same way, others want "Only Rex".

From other news about Mass Effect: Creative Director of Mass Effect Andromeda, Mack Walters, recently expressed his desire for continuing such a condemned game, explaining that "I only regret that we could not make a second game". Walters said that we would see a leap in polishing, similar to the one that happened between Mass Effect 1 and 2, but the ambiguous technique of Andromeda put an end to all plans.