The author of Baldur’s Gate 3 thought that the “game of the year” would receive Alan Wake 2 or Tears of the Kingdom, and not “Hardcore RPG”

Baldur’s Gate 3 this year simply conquered the Golden Joystick Awards Awards, having won record seven wins in such nominations as "The best plot", "The best studio" And "The best game of the year". However, the Director General of Larian Studios did not expect so many trophies, despite the grand success of the game.

Reacting to awarding, Sven Vink said that the team "I planned nothing" And even joked among themselves that she would go home empty -handed: "How will we get rid of depression?". Vinka admits that he considered victory in the nomination "Game of the year for PC" possible, but "Did not think", that the remaining six rewards will follow her.

The main reason for his skepticism is that, despite the brutal dismissal and the closure of the studios, this year there were many good games.

There were a lot of competitors this year. I have been doing this for a long time, which can be seen in my hairstyle, and there were very few years when so many good games came so close to each other.

Vinka actually thought that the main trophy would go to other noticeable games.

Honestly, I thought it would be Alan Wake 2. I haven’t played it yet, but saw all the conversations about her. I saw that people were delighted with her. Therefore, I decided that it would be Alan Wake 2, but if not Alan Wake 2, then The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Another reason for Wink’s surprise was that games like Baldur’s Gate 3 do not often receive rewards that sometimes migrate to the side "Kinematographic" blockbusters.

I did not think that such a game, focused on a PC, like BG3, with hardcore role -playing mechanics, could achieve such success.

It was easier to pass the BG3 than the second Alan Vake
Not from the point of view of complexity, but in terms of perseverance.

I don’t know I couldn’t even sit and 3 hours, I don’t know the bottom of the bottom, they found it there, the plot was generally made for a checkmark

It’s funny, but in another article I saw a comment from you, literally word repeating this word
Your opinion is very important and, if it is broadcast under each article, it will be appreciated by more people

Opinions of course are different, but the phrase is talking about everything "Game – bottom, played 3 hours")))

Three hours, sometimes enough.
Another thing is that he was so much offended by the game that he comes to comments under several articles related to BG3 and writes the same comments

And here you played 10 hours and demolished. You have schizophrenia or bad memory of your own fantasies earlier? And yes, why do you need "The game is the one" It was required to pat ?

I would not call her Hartcorna, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is more suitable for this definition.

A similar opinion – she does not pull on hardcore at all, even on the maximum complexity.

solid, interesting and quite long RPGHA – Honored Awards reaping.

It is not about the difficulty, but about the genre – it is believed that this kind of rpgshka is something boring, with a bunch of numbers, interesting only one and a half haunts. And even step-by-step, but everyone knows ™ that most love real-time and pyche.

To be honest, I did not think that the developers of the games also believe (believed) in these myths.

On the current gamer, this, unfortunately, is not myths. Any thing where you need to think at least minimally (at least gameplay-pondering your build and what to download, even plot, where 2+ choice in dialogue introduces a young gamer into longing and despondency). I remember calmly Gothic 2 and Mora from RPG action, Plankeip and Arkanum from the SRPG, and there were many places where it was possible to get lost even then. The current plankton (gamer) from 10% of such things will run to cry in Steam, instead of straining your stump of the gyrus (

Well, yes, it is thought – and then not difficult, but the complex Baldur tears the charts, like any eokshnes and never dreamed.
Again, if you look, scrape off the susks, then most of the popular games are exactly step by step, realm in the minority.

In general, not everything is so unambiguous, but to complain that the customs are falling, the youth is dumb and the people were not always fashionable))

Nikuyasa, the long enough there is one 1 act, like 3 Alan Wakea)) and by the way the war through the fear of the build, the pathfainer passes just looking at the monitor))

deservedly, one of the best Igor that came out lately

You quickly changed your shoes.

In terms of ? I am always for good Igor and never called the BG 3 type bg 3

What, well, he is Fan Baldura, Hater Kalfield. You confuse him with someone. Although it is difficult to confuse him with someone, given that he writes 24/7 "Kal-tryshak"

This is when the BG3 suddenly became hardcore RPG?)

Here is the first baldur hardcore. For me, the first enemy is a bear, at some point in time was the last enemy, for the game demolished the game.
Here "complexity" Only in cubes can it be, but it is not hardcore, but with a random.
Just stuffing "status" game.

The first was hardcore because of the crookedness that was corrected in the second part. This was the heads themselves in an interview

Hardcore? Where? Thanks to the stupid AI, the game of Izi is held.

The greatest difficulty arose with an idiotic backpack, lol

Yes, a backpack is a nightmare

I took off my tongue straight. Old Titan quest and is more difficult.

As for the inventory, I don’t understand at all that this game made 4 years in Bata test.

Well, really how to create such a dermal backpack and at the same time, in four years – not to fix it?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – too niche for the game of the year

Yes, in the year 17, the tops with millions of circulations were not niche, and the continuation surpassed on her head suddenly widened. For reference: last year, in the nomination, PC Game of the Year won Return to Monkey Island) That’s where the application was not yet tired of writing and cramm?

Well, if you play Max difficulties, then yes, hardcore. I hardly defeated Kargu, although I had not yet come out (the third) and fought for the first time, in general there was something to expect. At first, red hats were taken out, with the Crete Sheduu, then Gale and this black -haired son of the duke, and finally my GG Barbara fucked.

I okel, thought how to win!? Then he went behind the priest Salun (he wanted to recover as our dark nickey will react), reached 4 lvl and carried it on Izi with all sorts of boosts (in fact he had previously underestimated nonsense skills) and Karga the same, but spent a lot of potions (he tried to save those guys in the other guys in Masks, I realized that there is an opportunity, if you cut down and do not scour the masks, and then kill Kargu, though I did not check yet). By the way, if you say the device that the witch killed her brothers, then she will not drive the GG for salvation

The second difficulty, he experienced when saving the lesbian of the priestess (God sees as I did not want, but wanted the perfect ending), that is, it quickly paralyzes and takes it away, I have to somehow surround it (and I also did not know how the shelter was working and did not use it before Meetings with that drow-spider whose stick with a fairy).

The third with the boss of the second act is difficult to get along it, and he hits the wow, so there is also the second stage, barely carried out on the tenth attempt.

And yes, I don’t watch forums with tactics and t.D.

Hardcore and complexity are different concepts. Speaking of complexity – BG3, even on max, is quite easy, the only thing that hits the balls is an artificial twist of cubes, which reaches some biblical scale on Hard. But this is treated by Sevskam, and if you beat your head against a brick wall – sooner or later it will break. Speaking about hardcore – in the PasFainer you can easily spend the first 10 hours only on creating a character.

In general, this genre d&D is considered hardcore, but she was very simplified here, so that more people would write in the comments later: "Well, where is the hardcore?" It’s all for you guys hardcore

Geev’s divorce into comments.

Yes, well, modest, the obvious game of the year at least. I myself spent almost three hundred hours in it purely without spoilers, tutors and other such feces. Previously, I did not play step -by -step isometric games, for me the gameplay was a novelty, at first it was very unusual, but then I got involved.

I believe that partially success is caused by the fact that all the same type of console gameplay was already sick of all "From behind the shoulder", here everything is fundamentally different.

Awesome game, fact.

And so it is necessary, without pride, with the soul to do high -quality things, then masterpieces can turn out. And not to promote and praise themselves, as the famous company, the creators do it "Great Cosmic RPG".

It’s funny to read comments like: "And this is her hardcore? Something?"

You do not have enough brains to understand what we are talking about or you are kidding? Here we are talking about the genre, and not about the complexity of the game.

They got used to their action jerks, which are passing stupidly shocking their face on the keyboard. And meeting the enemy who wanshits to scream: "This is a hardcoor!"

Here is the genre about numbers and if you are smart immediately climbed to read guides, then these are your problems, condolences. In the game of such a genre, even in theory, you can not wind up the dials, as in the action of games. There is a step to the side and at least you can’t go through.

And so I agree that they clearly twisted the difficulty, when compared with the divinity. There the very first spiders immediately showed where your place. The game was too on the hype, they were obliged to provide her. In the past, this was not done and the genre just died. XD

The mods can clearly see how they lowered IQ from enemies and stupidly cut half the functionality.

And so, put mods, enjoy and wait "Definitive Edition".

As for me, so Game Awards, despite its controversy in some nominations, will be much more indicative. There are many reasons for that, but the main thing is that at the time of Golden Joystick, the same main competitor AW2 came out like only two weeks. Now they have eight nominations and, in principle, everything is predictable except the one where they are awarded the game of the year. Each game has both disadvantages and pros, but how the organizers will decide at all unknown

I looked at the gameplay of both games, but did not play. It looks like an AW2 compared to BG3. But this is just a subjective opinion.

Game of norms, but bloom 2 things. The first is a non -fingering cube, which is generally not to the place. The second many quests for a while, as well as 3 acts are terrible in everything except the visual.

So it’s D&D the cube there as well and.

Well, right, Alan Wake 2 received the best game of the year in Avads

I’m afraid to launch BG3 because they will fire from work👨🦽 you need to do this business at least on vacation🤠

Well, against the backdrop of anal despondency 2 Baldur Game of a century.

"Honestly, I thought it would be Alan Wake 2"
Wake will never be a game of the year at his slow pace, backing and boring gameplay. But there will be clever men who speak the opposite

The game is good, if you evaluate without pink fan snot, then on strong 7 out of 10, but Alan 2 also for 7 out of 10. Both games are equally good, but in different genres.

Alan is just boring in terms of gameplay very

Sarcasm finishes me) for August it was already clear that the game of the year.

In the sense of hardcore? If such a fucking way as I pass, what kind of hardcore it is!?

It’s not about complexity.

It’s sad that you don’t understand this.

Hardcore RPG, this is about BG3? The game on the Isi is held on the highest complexity, yells. And what is hardcore in it?

People do not even understand the meaning of what has been written.

It’s sad when fools try to make smart ones like you

The Solslik-Clans taught that the hardcore is when you fight against high tsiforchers and deliberately broken mechanic, here they are in bewilderment

Obviously, Sven has in mind that the BG3 has unpopular mechanics for the video game, the basis of which was the old -school table role -playing games. This is precisely in this case and is meant by “hardcore”

What other overstated dic). You are a drug addict?

I would gladly appreciate Baldur’s Gate 3, but I see I can not even go through the first battle at the beginning of the game.

TU with a demon? Not necessarily pass. Just the whole of Pati you run to the steering wheel and activate it.
Although if you fill up the demon, you are pissing a good sword.

If you are talking about the battle with demons – you have problems
If about the battle with the commander of the devils after the room with Shadouhart, it is not necessary to win it. It is enough to run to the control panel and activate it