For the multi -user horror Phasmophobia, a major ASCENSION update was released

Update 0.9 for Phasmophobia is a comprehensive processing of a cooperative game in a horror genre. Поскольку за последние годы жанр значительно разросся, а такие игры, как Demonologist, Devour, Pacify, Labyrinthine, The Outlast Trials, The Blackout Club и другие, набирают обороты, внезапное появление этого огромного набора изменений в патче для Phasmophobia – сюрприз, но долгожданный.

Patch for Phasmophobia gives the game the biggest restructuring in a long time. This is a large -scale update, which received the official name Phasmophia Ascension, includes a completely new progression system, introduces equipment upgrades for each item in the game, processes the tutorial and transfers the entire gameplay to the new branch of the Unity engine to increase the general productivity in the game.

The processed progression system includes many new unlocks that can be obtained, as well as a prestige system that allows you to increase its level for additional, so to speak, prestige. If you have already played earlier, then your level will be dropped to prestige 1, and new players will start with prestige 0, level 1. There were also awards "radically" increased for all goals, tasks and weekly tests.

Equipment can now be improved by three levels. These improvements are expensive, but after receiving each subsequent level costs as much as the contract. Some types of equipment were renamed in accordance with expanded levels: matchboxes and lighters now belong to the category "Igniter", and sticks and cadillars – to the category "Incense".

Several items of equipment and evidence were renewed or processed. A new training mission in a specially constructed warehouse should better teach you to effectively use each of the types of items and give several general tips on how to play better.

The intra -game vocal system was replaced with Photon voice tool, which should improve quality and reduce the delays in the voice chat. You can read the full information about the large -scale update of Phasmophobia here.