Hybrid RTS/FPS Executive Assault 2 came out of early Steam access

Executive Assault 2, an innovative hybrid of real -time strategy and first -person shooter, left the Early Early Access orbit of Steam after five years of thorough development, adding new functions and improvements based on reviews of the devoted community Executive Assault. The game, the continuation of the 2015 indie mesh, first appeared on Steam in 2018 and was developed by an individual Indie developer Rob Hesket.

The time when Executive Assault 2 was in early access was a leader in the genre: over the years that have passed since they have been inspired by a combination of first -person shootings and real -time strategy (RTS) in the style of Executive Assault 2, several games appeared. Executive Assault 2 experience remains special, and additions during his stay in early access include completely new fractions, powerful weapons and unusual visual effects when players fight in the distant corners of the cosmos as the Director General of their galaxy. corporation.

Having taken on the role of the CEO and military commander, players must create a huge fleet of starships and gather an army of troops in the struggle for corporate dominance throughout the galaxy. It is extremely important to explore new and more complex technologies in order to keep up with their competitors, otherwise players may face hostile absorption. Those who want to leave the meeting room may remain in the thick of the battle in the role of an eczetron, the action of which takes place in a multifunctional first -person shooter.

Invasion of asteroid bases, seizure of avantosts and piloting mechanisms into battle are just some methods that managers can use to provide themselves with a place at the top both in PVP and in PVE mode. Fights in Executive Assault 2 – this is more than just ships of ships. Invade other space stations in search of vital resources or do not show mercy by simply betraying them. Switching between the viewing points gives unlimited control over how the leaders want to play, in combination with a set of settings that allows you to use unique corporation logos, the names of units and products.