The authors of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 revealed many new details

Today is the first day of the Flightsimexpo exhibition in Houston, Texas, and both Microsoft and the third -party developers shared a mass of news about Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Let’s start with Microsoft itself, which has held its own panel. We learned that the air system stepped over 12 million players.

The head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann began to talk about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, which he called "the largest project in the field of air systems".

The first direction of the new simulator will be aviation activities in the style "Choose your piloting style". According to Neumann, out of 12 million players mentioned above, 3 million are the main simulators, 3 million are the main gamers, and the rest are more casual. Reviews of all these groups indicate that they would like to have more opportunities for classes.

Neumann noted that these classes are not at all "Game". These are accurate simulations created in cooperation with real organizations that perform them. Although there were no airliners in the original trailer, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will be "A lot of airliners". Fans will be "pleasantly surprised".

As for technology, the simulator architecture was reduced, and much will be loaded from the cloud, which will reduce the installation and load time, as well as the size of the installations. In fact, players will only load what they really need. The use of the Internet will also be reduced, and the minimum system characteristics will be preserved.

Reverse compatibility will be provided, and the community folder, which is now, will remain the same.

The new physics and aerodynamics engine will give airplane creators "Extraordinary control" Above your products. It will also significantly increase productivity due to multi -hearth, modeling hard and soft bodies, fabric physics and ropes. Everything will be easy to author and back compatible. Developers will be able to easily and quickly add new functions. You can see an example of visualization of new physics on an airplane and a helicopter on the Twitch channel.

We also get physics for balloons with complete aerodynamic modeling. You can see how it looks, on the Twitch channel.

New and improved systems include electrical, pneumatic, fuel and hydraulic systems, failures and wear systems, payload and passengers, deeper and wide Avionic packages, as well as the EFB flight tablet by default.

As for the reconstruction of the planet, the new relief system will begin with the original Tin (Triangulated Irregular Network), determine the surfaces with machine learning in Azure, including bushes and trees, flatten bushes and trees and replace them with 3D models, add 3D scals , corresponding to the color of TIN, as well as add surface and relief maps. The final result can be seen below.

Another system is called "3D of 2D", which converts satellite images into digital data on the relief with a resolution of 50 cm. This will significantly improve those areas that Microsoft could not improve earlier due to the fact that the photogrammetry requires long flights over the territory to obtain data and is subject to external factors, such as the weather or time of the year.

As for the static world, the simulator will not only improve the details of the Earth, as shown above, but 3D teselized materials of the Earth are added, the variety of trees has been expanded and cliffs have been improved.

As for the fact that Microsoft defines as "The dynamic world", then four seasons will be implemented in it (Microsoft is considering the possibility of transferring this to MSFS2020). We will also get Aurora Borealis, Thornado, Super Cuts, Improved Storms and much more.

Crossing K "Living world", Animals will be shown in herds and will migrate, the movement of vessels around the world will be implemented, the air movement will be much more accurate and realistic (developed "Crazy" The number of models of artificial intelligence aircraft, and Microsoft will include as many liver as possible in the game), and the movement of cars will also be improved.