In honor of the 10th anniversary, Paradox gives all players Europa Universalis 4 Free music DLC

The flagship historical Grand Strategy company Paradox Interactive celebrated its decade yesterday. Since its release in August 2013, EU4 has loved lovers of historical games, because it has an almost endless variant of the past.

Europa Universalis IV takes place in four centuries from 1444 to 1821, and you can play for any country in history over this period of time, when the world passes through the Renaissance and Reformation for the Enlightenment and Revolution. Explore the globe in search of new lands, choose national ideas corresponding to your ambitions, and challenge to surpass the great rulers and conquerors of the past.

In honor of the anniversary, Paradox gives all players Europa Universalis IV free music DLC with ten compositions.

Europa Universalis IV is in constant development and improvement from the moment of entering the market ten years ago, which makes it one of the oldest strategic games, on which active work and expansion is still being conducted. In April 2023, Paradox Tinto launched a Domination Expansion Pack Extension Pack, which adds even more opportunities and historical color to many of the most popular game nations.

"Ten years is a long term to support strategic game", – Says Paradox Tinto Games Johan Andersson. Europa Universalis is our flagship series, so it will always be special, but I am constantly impressed by the creativity and ambitiousness of our developers team". Europa Universalis IV has changed a lot compared to its initial project, but the main ideas remained the same. Players should be able to write new stories in which their country is in the center of world events. Over the past ten years, we have added more diversity, more strategies and more real historical color, and EU4 directly led to the creation of our Tinto studio in Sithsa, Spain. We owe a lot to the community that has developed and somehow supported in this game over the past ten years".

In honor of the anniversary, Paradox devoted August to many new events for the community, including plot, artistic and special tasks for the players of Europa Universalis IV, as well as large discounts on the game in participating online stores.