The promising indie explosion-RPG Monomyth reveals the upcoming content and outlines the road map before the release

The developer Rat Tower spoke about the future of his Indie-Ex-RPG Monomyth, demonstrating the upcoming content and discussing the further stages of beta testing.

In the video, the developer (who is currently working on beta-patch 4 demonstrated the internal fortress of Lysandria, which will become the main social center of the game. It includes many shops, taverns, artisans and NPC, with which you can interact.

The geometry of the fortress is mainly completed, and the author is working to turn it into an exciting game environment, in which quests and opportunities to use social skills, such as speech, which will also help in trade, will be represented. Since the player is a stranger, he will have to work hard to earn the location of the inhabitants, but it will be important and useful for performing the main quest.

By the way, about the main quest: the fortress also plays an important role in it, and two -thirds of its logic have already been realized. The rest should be completed to open beta testing when it will be possible to play up to the last chapter.

Although the game will not be full -fledged voice acting (since this would cost the developer much more), voice replicas and greetings are already realized. Before the release of Beta Patch 4, it has yet to be done by some work on the characters and write even more texts, which should happen "Over the next few weeks". The distribution of objects in the fortress also has to be done.

After the release of beta-patch 4, the game will enter the refinement phase, including improving performance, updating combat mechanics and animation, as well as finalizing enemies and testing. These improvements will be released in the form of a series of small patches that will be released relatively quickly.

After this stage of polishing, the developer plans to move on to open beta testing, and after all the errors found are corrected, it is planned to prepare the game for release as soon as possible.

Monomyth will go to PC via Steam. The game was supported through the Kickstarter campaign in 2021, and you need to be a beker to access the aforementioned beta versions.