The authors of the fan remake of the first part of Fallout showed the map of the world

The authors of the project Fallout: Vault 13, representing the transfer of the original 1997 Fallout game to the engine Creation Engine from Fallout 4, published an entry on their Discord server, which reported that in the near future we should expect more new content on the project as they come to the release of demo version.

Screenshots time! Pay your view of the Pip-butt map of the Ino, the world that you will explore in the upcoming demo version! The playable zone is approximately 1/3 of the size of the Commonwealth, and allows you to explore the shelter 13, refuge 15, Shady Sands, the Khan camp and many other new locations in the wasteland! – Cullinwino, project leader

As part of the project, the leader of the Cullinwino team published an image with a world map, which will be present in demo version. Within the framework of demo, players will access a small piece of the main region called The Inyo (approx. Yino, one of the California districts), which will include refuge 13, refuge 15, camp of raiders-khanov, as well as some new locations.

According to the authors, the amount of INO will be 1/3 of the size of the Commonwealth, the game world Fallout 4 (the size of which is approximately 25 square kilometers), and the main region, meanwhile, will be divided into separate zones-worlds, which the player will be able to explore independently. This change is made in connection with a different approach to design Fallout And Fallout 4. While in Fallout 4 The player had a seamless world, the study of which took place directly within the framework of the gaming process, in Fallout A global map of the world was available to the player, on which the hero was indicated by a schematic red point, and the gameplay directly occurred on locations indicated by a green circle. The player actually could stop anywhere on the map either independently or as part of random meetings in the spirit of the attack of the bandits, but each such zone used one of several templates depending on the biomer of the card.

Since to recreate the huge main region, whose actual size is ~ 158 kilometers against ~ 25 square kilometers of the Commonwealth, will be incredibly long and costly, the authors decided to divide the world into zones that they decided to supplement with new locations and points of interest.

The global map of the original Fallout, which the authors of the modification use to create an INO

The date of the output of the demo version of the project (as well as the full version) is still unknown. When asked by the author of the article about when the representative of the project was shown by Demo version with GIF with Gabe Newell, who is talking "Such things take time".

It is noteworthy that earlier there was a similar project called Fallout: The Story, which was supposed to transfer the first part Fallout on the engine Fallout: New Vegas (Gamebryo). The development of this modification was canceled after the release of demo, which included refuge 13, refuge 15, Shady Sands and Junktown. Download Fallout: The Story You can here.