The creators of Silent Hill: Asceence told how interactive horror will work

Konami, together with Genvid Entertainment, announced the extremely mysterious project in the Silent Hill franchise, which seems to be an interactive horror series with some game elements. Even after a recent trailer, the essence of Silent Hill: Ascension is still a mystery to many users. Genvid Entertainment General Director Jacob Navki in an interview with Polygon poured light on some details of the project and told how its interactive component will work. As reported, to the audience Do not have to pay $ 70, as for a new game and also does not need to be paid $ 10, as for a subscription.

As the lead manager explains, Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive streaming show that will be very different from a similar project – "Black Mirror: Brandashmyg". Spectators will not just be "play" On the air – for the project, the approach of such streaming sites as Twitch will be used, and the broadcast itself will be maintained directly from the game engine processing data from the audience.

For the show, several main characters have been created who have to go through the real Silent Hill nightmare: Asceence. Spectators or players will determine their fate, as well as affecting not events in the series itself, determining the final of the whole story. According to Jacob Navok, during the broadcast, buttons similar to QTE will appear, which you need to press. For example, when the hero grabs the monster, the audience must successfully press the correct sequence of actions in order to run away. If this event fails too many users, events can change a lot or even lead to the death of the hero at the very beginning of the story.

Genvid Entertainment General Director also added that work on Silent Hill: Asceence has been underway since the beginning of 2021. The project takes part in the creators of Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive, as well as several other teams: Bad Robot Games and a cinematic team from Senscape.

For Silent Hill: Ascension, a large -scale storyline is planned, which will continue for several months. The developers are not yet ready to inform how they will earn on an interactive horror, but they promise not to integrate a subscription model for $ 10 and not demand a purchase from the AAA price tag AA.