Soon in Warface: PVE processing

We try to delight you with major updates as often as possible. It’s time to update the approach to PVE! Your experience in passing cooperative missions will become even more exciting thanks to a number of key changes.

New interface

A rethinking and intuitive interface that will allow players to easily find special operations and choose the necessary rewards.

Updated complexity

We have released a lot of armor sets and dozens of weapons from the moment of some special operations. It is time to adapt the PVE complexity level to the actual player equipment. Although the level of the level "Profi" They will become a little more complicated, it also means that players will be rewarded accordingly to their efforts.

Rotation of special operations

Three special operations at the start with the addition of the fourth during the season will be available to players. As you already understood, the rotation system will be introduced, which ensures regular updating and a variety of special operations. This is done so that we can fully rethink the approach to special operations and systematically revise the awards. The following special operations are the first to get into the rotation: "Dangerous experiment", "Pripyat" And "Black Shark".

Updated awards

Given the changed complexity of the PVE-Mission and special operations, they must be rewarded accordingly. Get ready for new and exciting challenges, as well as valuable awards!

Crown for passing PVE missions:




Crown for passing special operations:

Pripyat (easy):

Pripyat (difficult):

Pripyat (pro):

Dangerous experiment (easy):

Dangerous experiment (difficult):

Dangerous experiment (pro):

Black shark (easy):

Black shark (difficult):

Black shark (pro):

Category and progress PVE

Your progress is now more important. Category – success indicator in PVE. It increases with the accumulation of experience for passing PVE mines and special operations. Each time you earn crowns for the successful passage of PVE mission and special operations, you also get an equivalent amount of experience to increase the discharge. Reach a higher category, open new products in a seasonal store and get worthy awards! But remember that the discharge is dropped every season.

Now the crown for passage will be updated once a week, and not daily. This will allow you to devote more time of strategy and enjoy the gameplay, and not a constant race for awards. In addition, we are working on a system that will automatically count the crown for you for easier options for the special operation. You no longer need to go through the same special operation repeatedly – achieve success at the highest level and get all the honored crowns at once!

Seasonal store

Despite the ambitious idea of ​​the craft system, in modern realities it seemed excessive and complicated the gameplay. The absence of the possibility of targeted creation of objects attracted a potential threat of crown depreciation. The observation data led us to the decision to create something new and simpler. Now every season the store will be filled with unique items that you can buy with crowns. This makes the process of obtaining awards more interesting and dynamic.

Depending on the reach of the category, you can purchase for crown weapons for 3, 5, 7, 9 days and even forever!

Check out unique items in the PVE seasonal store! Exclusive awards are waiting for their heroes!

Improving the plot

In one of the future updates, we plan to strengthen the narrative component of PVE, making each mission even more exciting history. First, it is planned to update the portraits of the main characters. We will also continue to improve the approach to the plot of the game.

Leaders table

The development contains a table of leaders. You will have the opportunity to find out which of the players shows the best results, and see your place among the best!