Open Beta Update 1 Started.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Open beta version 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 became available for testing.

Alteration of Germany

As part of the current German processing project, developers presented several processed cities in this open beta version. The cities of Hamburg, Vincen, Travemynde, Kil and Rostock were seriously processing from scratch, including the capital restructuring of road networks surrounding them, attractions, industrial enterprises and much more.

It also includes the long -awaited Feldbinder plant, where drivers will be able to conclude contracts with 2 new warehouses: one for the delivery of the necessary goods, spare parts and much more, and the other to receive new, just made, trailers for delivery to customers throughout Europe.

Cities in the gallery

In update 1.46 Developers presented the “Gallery” function, a universal place for all your images, phototrophes and detected viewing points, which supports all the obsolete functions of the older dispatcher of the screen images. Meet a new opportunity in the gallery!

When you travel and discover many Cities Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can collect them on the new City Intros tab. After unlocking, you can look at which cities you have visited, as well as see and reproduce any of the city introductory videos, which are usually visible only when you first launch your first headquarters there.

Recycled trailers

The vehicles team found free capacities between other projects to also revise and process trailers that the game economy uses for transportation of various types of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, etc.D.

Country research on countries

Developers know how many drivers enjoy a complex task of 100% card research. This is not easy, so a new user interface window was added, access to which can be obtained by clicking the map of the map in the upper left corner of the world map.

When you press it, a new window will open with a list of countries with their corresponding flags and the percentage of your study of each of them. We hope that this will help you find the missing roads in our constantly growing world Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The ranges of the parameter slider

Also, a new addition appeared on the game on the settings page of parameters in the Euro Truck Simulator 2. Now you will find a small field next to the slider, which displays the number on which it is set.

Wizard of Input to manage the initial choice

The developers processed the interface of the input wizard for choosing control elements and gave this installation window a simplified, but modern design. The new user interface will help new and old users go through the selection and settings process, which includes new icons and a clear description of each option.

Electronic stability control (anti -lock brake system + traction control)

Now you can find the addition of the anti -lock brake system and control of traction in the gameplay settings. These electronic stability control systems help the driver in various conditions and/or scenarios. The anti -lock brake system (ABS) weakens the brakes on wheels that are close to blocking. The anti -boom system (ASR or TRC) helps to prevent excess and insufficient rotation, and also provides an individual system for preventing the wheel slippage, which inhibits the slipping wheels.

The anti -boom system also has a function of assistance when passing turns, which is activated with insufficient or excessive rotation. It slows down the inner rear wheels to prevent insufficient rotation, and the outer front wheel to prevent excessive rotation.

Changes in the structure of mods

This change is more aimed at the creators of mods in the community! The ability to create one mod for several DLCs has been added, regardless of which DLC actually the user has.

If at least one of the subcatals or files (*.zip) The root is called “Base” or has a “dlc_” prefix, then these subcatals or files are mounted instead of a mod root. Red -workns also updated the SCS Workshop Uploader bootloader to reflect these changes. If the SCS Workshop bootloader detects a mod with a new structure, it performs additional checks.