The son of the Baldur’s Gate 3 gamer 3 trolls because of the bed scene with the bear

As befits a good role -playing game, Baldur’s Gate 3 provides players with a greater degree of freedom to play the role. So, to the delight of zoophiles and sympathetic to them, the game allows you to copulate with the bear. This, in fact, is a druid that can turn around a wild beast, but, nevertheless, this scene was able to make a lot of noise. Now for this bold feature are forced to swell the children of the developers.

So, the Larian Studios boss Sven Vink in an interview with PC Gamer complained that his son was subjected to trolling from his peers.

My son comes to me and says: “Dad, people send me photos of bears from everywhere,” he said. – I was not ready for this. I could eavesdrop on how he screams: “Yes, I know!”[People who called him]”.

We wanted people to discuss this scene, but we also wanted to show that this is a cinematic game with characters that have depth. The bear is obviously a druid, and he has a long -term story. He also lived with the bears a part of his life, so that is where this story with bears. It is interesting when you begin to think about it, what meant to live with bears for him? Because in reality there are also lustful bears.

The full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on PC from August 3.

Well, he complains about the photo of the bear, but the fact that from this bear Dad will buy a car for him and he does not complain

He is not that he complains about the photo, how much about what the risk of getting from strangers on the street is no longer a picchu bear

Apparently, he was just talking about this a million times a day and he got sick of listening to it

Well, there are more aggressive fools, they can harm.

And what is this, there are women worse than this bear))))
I think this loving bear will soon become a meme))

The back of fame.

How to get it with this bear already

And indeed with this game.

Where do you find all these non -traditional scenes) lol I have already played for 30 hours.At one time, Dragon Age: Inquisition without such scenes.Although how many screams were people outraged.

Those who are looking for will always find :-d

When I first played in Tao, my friendliness and desire to make friends with everyone turned out to be a very traumatic experience for my ass from the elf)) I am no longer friends with elves

And so life. Also, he had already played 30h, he didn’t meet the bears, even the dialogs

Zoophiles will find how the pig will find a swamp

In the Assassin Walgalla Donat, he also does not affect anything and no one forces to utter, but for some reason they consider it normal to whine about the very fact of the presence of donat in a single game.

But in Baldur’s Gate 3, the presence of non -traditional content also does not affect anything, according to your logic, but why do you consider it abnormal to whine about the very fact of the presence of the agenda in the game? This is exactly the same as the donat in the assassin. If you proceed from your logic.

In general, at one time, in the Dragon Age 2 I spun the heart to make friends with the character, and instead of friendship with surprise, I saw a shocking disgusting bed scene with two men. Not that I was waiting for the heart to heart. I really thought that the heart means friendship between men. And the point is not that this can be avoided in the game in fact, if we understand how the game works. The problem is that there is non -traditional content – the very fact of its presence is already a disaster and wrong. If I play in Baldur’s Gate 3 so that not to see this content, this does not mean that I have to be silent in a rag and not indignant.

But this does not mean that there are no similar scenes in the game and that the very fact of their presence in the game is normal. Your words do not justify such disgusting scenes, even taking into account the fact that they can be avoided when choosing the right game.

Donat in Valgalla means that the game is made as dull and wretched as possible to force people to take booster.
Bear in Baldur means that this is the most variable and interesting RPG.

Someone saw a lustful bear in real life?

I believe that those who have seen will not tell us this.

So it’s time to look, stop finding the yeti: D

Druids again hide the truth ! ))

So let the troll in response.

friend’s friend Mom’s girlfriend troll because of some kind of garbage
somehow I see this news

The topic of copulation with the bear is not completely disclosed.

He is such a trolling

What else is there besides such a bear?

it had to be filmed))

"Because in reality there are also lustful bears."

He probably only met such, and I only in the circus and in the video saw the bears where there was nothing like that and at all!

Ohaler MShk Frede

He just needs to get a bear.

Buling of unicellular freaks, on the Internet and Real Madrid is not reduced and I am not surprised. One thing is pleasing, this bear brought them a bunch of grandmas, which there are no aching and ingratiating garbage)

Gam Director decided to realize his fantasies in the game 🙂

That is, they are embarrassed by the bear, and for the presence of clayes they can?

Right now they are everywhere, to be indignant. As if only right now woke up. But there are no straight gays like, only bisexuals, if you play natural ones, then there are no gays in the game

I would say as if without gender at all, no mention of anywhere, they can copulate with anyone like not noticing the floor of the partner at all, and the scenes are the same regardless of the gg gg

But there is a difference between conventional clayes and bisexual?😂😂😂

Children are not responsible for the crimes of their fathers 🙂

ahahahah and do the right thing.

"Because in reality there are also lustful bears."-I wish him soon to meet such a lustful bear.

There was a trigger. I would say to these trolls = my father is known for creating a brilliant game, brought large incomes of the studio, we are not poor, and so on and TP. and you (trolls) envious beach and go . That’s all 8)

My Higher White Elf-Annlosaks with a double set of genitals is completely immersed in the problems of its harem from Shadouhart, Mintars and Tiflingshi to grit behind the clubfoot. Druid has long been in the ancestors cemetery, and his relatives rot in the reservations from fast food and cheap swill, as they should be, aha ha. In my ideal world, a quota in Google and Mycrosoft is not provided for them.

I would answer these trolls: pass by. Alas, it doesn’t work like that. Too strong Larian’s focus did the episode that does not mean on the whole game, so as not to cause the reaction of a freedom -loving overseas consumer. States is not Europe.

Once, when I was visiting his uncle in Portland, we went to the city beach. At that moment, I found out how different is American society. The fact is that I had my favorite swimming trunks. It would seem that here is such? Unfortunately, your homeland on any beach can shine with oiled breasts, and fry generally run naked. Here it is nonsense, for this I exist special places. Change the floor, but don’t be tanned the ass. I was awarded the alerted views of venerable Matron and young men – steroid strokes, which were not only dressed in shorts to the knees, but some did not even remove T -shirts during bathing.

I will never condemn the great Old Testament America in something. The country of God and my chastely watches porn behind closed doors (including bears, donkeys, Latino, Pinocchio), but tries to protect her children from an too obvious manifestation of eroticism. Think, my dear, about such a simple thing: how many bare boobs were offered by Hollywood of the 80-90s (there were three at once in Total Recall) and how many of them you see today in your favorite suicides, avengers, transformers and other Puritan junk? Nudity has long become the prerogative of the series. This is a conscious policy based on the understanding of the wisdom of the nation, its mentality and spiritual health. You should not judge a fashion model if the very erysipelas in acne. Enjoy debauchery, no one will deprive you of it.

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