Over the past month, Counter-Strike 2 lost about 180 thousand players

Counter-STRIKE is the largest first-person shooter in the history of the franchise, inspired by other competitive players games. With the transition from CS: Go to Counter-Strike 2, everyone expected new heights for the franchise.

However, due to problems with the game, the players began to leave the project, which led to a significant decrease in the number of players. Various irritating mistakes and other technical problems caused serious changes, as a result of which the number of players has significantly reduced over the past month – more than 180,000 people.

This fall is the most significant over the past 11 years. From the point of view of user reviews, the game has also become the worst release of Valve today.

Such a decrease in the number of players can be caused by several reasons. One of the main ones is the fact that Vavel suddenly refused to support Mac, as a result of which some players were deprived of the opportunity to play. In addition, on old computers it is not possible to start the game.

A few more problems aggravated the situation. Achievements were completely deleted, and new mistakes caused players irritation.

Community servers lost important support, which caused disappointment among the Counter-Strike community. In addition, the rejection of game modes such as Danger Zone and other casual modes does not give rest players.

Nevertheless, despite such a significant fall, Counter-Strike 2 is still very popular, and the peak number of players exceeds one million.

Although a decrease in the average number of players suggests that the release did not live up to initial expectations, this does not mean that the game is over. Valve is known that it is in no hurry to correct errors and problems.

In addition, this decline is not new. From June to July, Counter-Strike lost 204,000 players, which is 18.81% of the total number of players. However, as history shows, the game can recover, especially thanks to the correction of errors and updates that CS: GO can be returned to your favorite content.