Star Wars: Outlaws promises a huge open world between crowded cities and a deep cosmos

Ubisoft promises a large immersion in the simulated universe of Star Wars: Outlaws, which should allow to explore the crowded cities and deep cosmos, moving from one place to another with great dynamics.

In an interview with Kotaku, the director of the plot working on the game, Navid Havari said that when creating aspects of the open world, much attention was paid to create "A deeply exciting journey through Star Wars".

The idea is to put us in the place of the robber, who never explored the galaxy and was at the center of adventure, much larger than he himself, with the need to find answers to many questions, wandering the game of the game.

Kay will fall into difficult situations in various conditions, repeating the feeling of adventure and the scale of the events shown in the films "star Wars", transferring us from "dense cities full of various classes" V "open and amazing places".

The main idea is to give the players significant freedom of research, and they will perceive their spaceship as a kind of house, moving according to various planets and open cosmos.

As for the latter, then "Cosmos is an experience that can be very useful, but also implies a significant risk for players". "If you leave the intended path, following our own desire to explore, we may face many surprises", – explains Havari.

You can go from the adoption of a contract to steal the imperial cargo to distraction to something else during the expenses and be in the middle of the savannah Toshara in search of an ancient artifact, and the game does everything to satisfy your curiosity.

Star Wars Outlaws – a new adventure action from Ubisoft based on the famous franchise, the release date of which is not yet known. The team said that the game will be long, but not too much, which might seem strange, but Ubisoft just justified, and also said that it was so big that I had to add a speeder for movement.