The popularity of Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising forced the organizer of the tournament to introduce a restriction on the number of participants

The new Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising from Cygames and Arc System Works seems to attract great attention to the fighting community.

As a result, the organizers of the prestigious Frosty Faustings tournament, which will be held at the end of January, are forced to introduce a tough limit of 640 participants. Apparently, after the release of the game, many players unexpectedly decided to take part in it, at the risk of overloading the resources of the organizers and the space allotted to the game.

The announcement published on the website X (former Twitter) explains that non -compliance with the limit will most likely lead to a decrease in the quality of the tournament.

The organizers are also asking for those who have registered and do not intend to seriously participate, contact them to return the tournament contribution, freeing up a place for more serious participants.

A waiting sheet is opened to try to squeeze as many participants as possible into it.

The founder and director of the Elvenshadow tournament also explained the situation in more detail, telling about numbers and decision -making.

Last year, 166 players participated in GBVS. After we opened the registration of 10/11, we had to raise the limit as many as 3 times. Since then, especially during the holidays, registration has increased sharply. 12 days ago, we had only 360 registered players, and now we are almost reaching the limit of 640. These were not just new players, but a very large number of existing participants added him to their registration. This happened so quickly and so late in the planning process that we were left without the possibility of further expansion of the limit without prejudice to the quality of the event. Given that this year Strive, SF6 and UNI2 are also large games, we just exhausted all the resources. At the moment we have planned 32 pools. To increase the limit, we will have to switch to 64 pools. We simply have no room for installing more decorations in ballrooms and time in our light two -day schedule. One of the main complaints of last year is the heat and overload of the large ballroom hall. We planned the entire event so as to eliminate these problems this time (and we believe that we succeeded). We do not want everyone to suffer from this. I do not want to deprive someone of the chances of participating in the Arc World Tour, but we decided that it would be more correct. For many years, I have always built our calculated limits based on real data from past tournaments without problems, but this time turned out to be much more complicated. I will gladly return the money to everyone who wants to abandon the game, and organize a waiting list for those who cannot take part. I’m sorry that I failed those of you who waited longer than planning my trip, and did not know about it. I will inform you about new information. We are not threatened with a quick achievement of the limit on other main games, but I will inform you in advance if such a situation arises. I give my deep apology and I hope that you can still enjoy this event. This experience will serve as a lesson for better planning future events.

It is worth noting that, as mentioned above, the Frosty Faustings tournament Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising also gives access to the Arc World Tour tournament, organized by the Arc System Works itself.

The original Granblue Fantasy Versus was released at the beginning of 2020.

Due to the fact that the release fell at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cygames e-sports ambitions suffered full collapse, which sharply reduced the overall success of the game. Of course, it’s nice to see that Rising gives the game another chance of success, which seems to work great now.